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10 Of The Most Amazing Inventions Made During The Industrial Revolution 

10 Of The Most Amazing Inventions Made During The Industrial Revolution

Humans have made many inventions and some of them have really brought revolution in our lives. However, today we are going to focus only on the engineering inventions made during the period of industrial revolution (mid 1700s – 1840). Here are 10 such amazing inventions:

1. Spinning Jenny:

It was one of the greatest inventions of those times. James Hargreaves invented it and he got it patented in 1764. It helped the labourers in producing more wool, eight spindles in the initial stages and then the count went on to 120 as the advancement was made in the technology. The Spinning Jenny helped a lot in the industrialization of the textile industry.

2. The Watt Steam engine:

James Watt invented this engine in the year 1775. The separate condenser that he added enhanced the efficiency of the steam engine to a great extent. This new engine got famous pretty soon and was used in factories and mines all across the globe.

3. The Cotton Gin:

Eli Whitney invented the cotton engine which is also called as cotton gin. It not only played an important role in increasing the cotton production but it also helped the cotton farmers in improving their standard of living by increasing their profits. Earlier the farmers used to separate cotton seeds and fiber with hands but with the advent of gin it become very easy.

4. Telegraph communications:

It is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of the world. It was invented in the early 1800s and it has made possible for human beings to remain in contact despite being very far away.

5. The Steam locomotive:

The locomotives powered by steam engines made the transportation possible. It helped the humans in travelling from one place to another and also in transporting goods for business purposes.

6. Tin can:

British businessman Peter Durand was the person who got the tin cans patented in the year 1810. This tin cans are still used for various purposes.

7. Camera Obscura:

It was Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who took the first photograph ever in the world. He took this photo in 1814 using the camera obscura which was fitted on the window of his house. It took nearly 8 hours in capturing the image.

8. The typewriter:

William Austin Burt got the first typewriter patented in 1829 and it was called typographer. However, it is also being said that there were machines which were quite similar in use but they were never used to profit making. This typographer didn’t have keys, instead the alphabet had to be dialed.

9. Dynamite:

Alfred Nobel, the Swedish engineer and chemist invented this explosive. It was really helpful in mining, construction and other industries and till date, it is used on quite a big basis as it is safe and manageable explosive.

10. Sewing machine:

Charles Fredrick, the German engineer is credited with the invention of sewing machine in 1755. However, it was Isaac Merritt Singer who started the company named as Singer many years later. Singer is one of the most popular and most bought brands in the market of sewing machines.

There are many other inventions as well about which we may talk next time.

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