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15 Epic Design Fails Proving No Brain Or Common Sense Was Used In Their Creation 

15 Epic Design Fails Proving No Brain Or Common Sense Was Used In Their Creation

The world is full of creative people who like to make new designs and exhibit their talent through their work. However, there are times when some designs are made in such a bad manner or with crazy style that it is difficult to state whether they are just failed examples of creativity or creations of designers who didn’t have common sense.

1. Floor of the barber’s shop:

It is quite obvious that hair will roam on the floor of a barber’s shop so the floor should be plain. It is easy to clean the plain floor especially in regard to picking up the hair but the floor in the photo is quite artistic and very difficult to clean.

2. Managing the ‘P’:

This is what happens when a task is started without proper preparation. “Bus Stop” is what was needed to be written in a correct manner but there was no place left for the alphabet “P”.

3. Weird eyes:

Using buses for marketing purposes is an old idea but the posters or the painting should be made with correct measurement. The eyes of the kid were posted on the window’s door and they look weird as the door frame slides.

4. Shoes with heels:

We all have seen sandals with heels but have you ever wondered how shoes will look with heels? It is indeed one of the most bizarre designs of shoes and must be uncomfortable to wear as well, what do you say?

5. Bicycle table:

It’s difficult to understand why this table was designed that too with the bicycle seat popping out of the table top. It is neither looking beautiful nor completely serves the purpose of a table.

6. Where are these stairs and ramp leading to?

Have a look at the photo and tell us if you can understand where these stairs and ramp are leading to. What was going in the mind of the builder and what is the purpose for which stairs and ramp were constructed? Can you guess?

7. Bathroom design:

This can easily be included in the list of the most ridiculous designs of bathroom as who will like to view someone else doing while relieving himself. One more thing, only one side has the toilet paper.

8. House on road:

In simple words, this is encroachment by the person who has built his house on the road. It’s quite difficult to understand how the authorities have not taken any action against him.

9. Where is the bin?

There should have been two bins, one for recycle while the other for landfill. A person is trying to convey that there is something wrong as his hand can be seen from both the holes.

10. Stair design:

This is not just an epic design fail but is very risky at the same time because anybody can get hurt from the corner of the glass. It seems that the designer wanted to create two paths on these stairs but ended up making it unusable.

11. Those giant wheels:

The car doesn’t look good with such big wheels, does it? I just don’t understand what its creator had in mind while designing it.

12. Strange & bizarre:

It is being said that this weird building has been constructed somewhere in Brazil. Usually the base is said to be wider and bigger but this structure has certainly reversed the laws of construction.

13. A can with wrong type of holes:

This can is full of peppercorns and the company has provided holes on the top of the box but they are so small that peppercorns can’t come out of them. Not just an individual but the big companies also make mistakes.

14. The banana car:

The car companies are coming up with new cars of new designs every year and they are also making modifications in the older ones. But who will like to drive a car which is in the shape of a banana, will you?

15. Tea time:

These cups are surely unique because even if you are alone, you can have tea while holding someone’s hands. Quite unusual, isn’t it?

Have you seen more such design fails? Share with us in the comments section below.

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