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What Turns On Girls/Women? Men, Pay Attention 

What Turns On Girls/Women? Men, Pay Attention

In the modern world, living happily is a difficult task but it can become easy if you have a loving and caring partner. However, people should understand that relationships have to be nurtured with love, trust and respect otherwise they may fall apart. Even small things matter a lot when it comes to relationship and for this purpose, a man needs to do things which bring his partner closer.

In simple words, let us tell you what turns on girls/women:

1. Make them laugh:

A girl will definitely like your company if you can make her laugh and it will be better if you know how to laugh on yourself as well.

2. Surprise them:

Pleasant surprises make everyone happy and it will also make them like you more. You don’t need to spend a lot of money all the time, surprise them with flowers, chocolates, candies etc and you will see the difference.

3. Whisper in the ear:

What you say is not so important but what is important is that your mouth is close to their ear and your warm breath will certainly turn them on.

4. Soft touch:

Never be in a hurry, touch them in a light manner, softly as not everyone likes to rush into things. Girls mostly like passionate guys.

5. Prepare meals:

It will be great if you can cook their favorite dishes but even if you are not good at cooking, try to make something for them. What matters is the effort, though tasty food is always a bonus.

6. Pull them towards yourself in morning:

Pulling them and taking them in your arms in the morning when you both are on bed just before waking up, will certainly be a big turn-on.

7. Telling them that they are beautiful:

Don’t wait for special moments, just tell that they are beautiful and how much you admire and love them.

8. When you show kindness to others:

Most of the girls like those guys who are kind to others. If she will see you helping any elder or needy or an animal, she will surely like it.

9. Listen to them properly:

When you listen to them and remember what they said even after few weeks, any girl would love that. Who doesn’t like to be heard with proper attention and this also shows that you not only love them but also respect them.

10. Hug them from behind:

Surprise them with a hug from behind while they are cooking or doing makeup, etc. They will love the sudden hug with the sensual touch and of course you will love it too.

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