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How To Make Your First Night After Wedding Memorable 

How To Make Your First Night After Wedding Memorable

Wedding is one of the most important events of a person’s life but we are going to talk about an equally important event today. We will focus on the first night after wedding and will also tell you how to make it memorable in a pleasant manner.

1. Romantic environment:

Make sure that your room should be soaked in the scent and feel of romance. The color scheme of the room should be vibrant and not dull because the colors have a great effect on the mood of a person.

2. Candles:

Use scented candles as the scent will keep both of you in a refreshed and cheerful mood.

3. Flowers:

Flowers are great medium to romanticize the environment. The flowers of different colors will further ignite the spark of romance and make the couple fall in each other’s arms.

4. Keep your approach slow:

You should think about making the moment special which you can cherish for lifetime. Don’t be in a hurry as your partner may be tired after going through all the ceremonies.

5. Talk to your partner:

Talking to each other will make it ease the tension and will also make them comfortable with each other. Don’t forget that it is not just a matter of one night, now you will be together for whole life hopefully.

6. Gift something beautiful:

It is just a gesture to express your love and it can be anything from a necklace to a flower bouquet. The most important thing is that it will make your partner feel special.

7. Play music to set the mood:

Play some romantic and sensuous music to set the mood. Dancing while holding the hands and coming closer will also help in shedding inhibitions and remove the hesitation if there is any.

8. Don’t come under pressure:

Don’t let the pressure of your performance ruin your most important night. You both must be tired and this night is all about embracing the fact that you are companion for life. Remember your love is not just physical, you are connected by hearts.

9. Be passionate:

Start slow and don’t rush into things. Be passionate with your partner but also respect her emotions. Don’t forget that your partner should not feel awful or bad and love has to be in the air.

10. Spend some time inside the sheet:

After making love with each other, do spend some time inside the sheet nude together as it will help in building the bond.

Have a great first wedding night!

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