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11 People Revealed What Happened When Their Exes Leaked Their Nude Photos & Videos 

11 People Revealed What Happened When Their Exes Leaked Their Nude Photos & Videos

For quite some time now the trend of taking nudes of your partner or recording the intimate moments has gained momentum as the youngsters of today love to use technology while loving each other. However, such photos or videos should be deleted soon as they can pose problems for them especially for the girls. Things turn ugly when the lovers chose to separate and one of them is so pissed off with the other that he/she desperately wants to take revenge.

There have been many instances in which nude photos have been posted online by heartbreak lover as he wanted to make his ex feel sorry for leaving him. Here are some examples which have been shared by people as to what happened after their nudes were leaked online:

1. The guy wanted to show-off as if his girlfriend is an awesome object

2. His ex-girlfriend helped him in getting his present girlfriend by leaking his nudes

3. A short clip of this girl got posted on….

4. She doesn’t even know when she was photographed

5. She was just seventeen when her photos were posted online

6. It was casual for her but he was serious

7. Her boyfriend was exchanging photos with other guys for photos of their wives or girlfriends

8. Thankfully her face was not visible

9. Be careful whom you date

10. Photo of his private part shared by his ex

11. It was a trap

Have you also faced any such situation or anyone you know has faced such situation, do let us know.

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