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8 Places So Unique That It Seems Gravity Doesn’t Exist There 

8 Places So Unique That It Seems Gravity Doesn’t Exist There

There are so many places in the world which we will like to visit in our lifetime, while some are famous for their beauty, some have their own historical significance and some are famous for their unique properties. One thing that is common whole over the world is the gravitational force which pulls everything down but you will be shocked to know that there are some places in this world where gravitational force or gravity doesn’t exist.

Today we are going to tell you about some places on our planet Earth where gravity doesn’t seem to exist:

1. Reverse waterfall in England

In this waterfall which is situated near the Hayfield, the water doesn’t flow towards the ground, instead it flows upwards which gives an impression that it is flowing in the air. The reason behind it is that the flow of the wind is so strong over there that it makes the water flow upwards rather than flowing downwards. The depth of the waterfall is said to be 78 feet and the big question that arises is that from where this strong wind is coming.

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2. The road which is at the beginning of Mount Aragats, Armenia

Mount Aragats is at the border of Turkey and Armenia and every year a huge number of people come here to take a look at its anti-gravity behavior. There is a road which is at the foot of the Mount Aragats where the car will go up the hill even if the engine of the car is turned off. People also claim that it is easy to walk up the hill rather than walking down the hill and there is also a river nearby which flows uphill.

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3. Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

This dam is 726.4 ft tall and with a simple experiment you can see that gravity doesn’t exists here. You just need to open a bottle of water and try to pour the water down the dam but you will be surprised to see that the water will flow upwards rather than going down. The same thing will happen if you try to throw a light object down in the dam and this is happening because of the strong flow of wind.

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4. House of Mysteries, Oregon, US

This place has become a very popular tourist spot nowadays because people love to explore and experience the unusual things that happen here. This House of Mysteries is located on the roadside of the Gold Hill and in the older times, it was also known as the forbidden ground. It is very difficult to walk here and a person has to hold something if he want to save himself from falling. The balls roll upwards over here and there is a broom which doesn’t lies down how hard a person tries.

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5. Devils Tower, Wyoming, US

It is one of the most visited tourist site in Wyoming because of its amazing shape and the height. Devils Tower which is situated in the Bear Lodge Ranger District of the Black Hills is also a favorite place for the climber and hikers but it even those who have climbed the Mount Everest haven’t been able to climb up the top of Devils Tower. Though it is just 1267 ft tall but the reason because of which no climber is able to reach its top is its steep walls.

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6. The road in South Korea

This road in the Jeju island is quite unique because if an empty bottle or can is thrown on it then they roll upwards rather downwards. This place has become a popular tourist spot and the authorities have even put up the boards to make the people aware of the place from where this phenomenon starts working and where it stops.

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7. The golden rock in Myanmar

It is also known as Kyaiktiyo Pagoda and a quite important place for those who follow Buddhism. By looking at the rock, a person will feel that it can fall anytime but you will be surprised to know that it has been resting like this for more than 2500 years now. The most popular belief is that the rock is resting like this because it has Buddha’s hair. However, the women are not allowed to go near it as it is a belief that a woman can push it down so the authorities have even hired guards to ensure that no woman goes near it.

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8. The reverse waterfall in India

There is also a reverse waterfall in India just like United Kingdom. It is situated in Naneghat which is near to Junnar, Pune and in this waterfall also the water is flowing upwards rather than downwards. The reason behind it is same – the strong flow of winds is forcing water to flow upwards.

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So do you want to visit these places to witness this unique phenomenon?

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