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15 Times Nature Left Us Astonished And Overwhelmed 

15 Times Nature Left Us Astonished And Overwhelmed

In the modern times our lives have become quite hectic and monotonous and in such a scenario, a trip in the natural surroundings not only serves as a soothing experience but it also refreshes and rejuvenates us. The nature has amazed us many times, sometimes it has scared us by bringing floods, tsunamis, etc, and sometimes it has made is happy by giving us some moments to cherish by giving us rainfall, snowfall, etc.

However, there is much more about nature that what we know and there are certain places where nature has behaved in quite a weird manner but we have to admit that it has resulted in some incredible phenomenon and today we are going to share some of them with you.

Take a look:

1. The Ghost Trees of Pakistan

These trees may look like ghost trees but in reality they are usual trees which are covered with cobwebs. This happened due to the flood because of which huge number of spiders climbed up the trees and weaved their webs which gave a new look to the trees.


2. The blue shining waves

You need to visit Vaadhoo, Maldives if you want to see these beautiful waves which gave an impression that stars have landed on our planet. However, in reality the secret behind this blue lighting is Phytoplankton, marine microbes which emit blue light.


3. Pink lake in Australia

The name of this lake is Retba and the water of this lake doesn’t change its color even if it is stored in a container as it contains Dunaliella salina microalgae which has made the water pink.


4. The Unique Happy Valley Tree

The roots of the tree grow in the same manner as the pattern of the bricks in the Happy Valley Horse Racing Arena.


5. Migration of red crabs in huge numbers

The red crabs of Christmas island forest migrate to ocean every year for the purpose of laying eggs. Watching these red crabs in huge numbers together is a sight to behold.


6. Lake Natron of Tanzania

This lake is pretty high in PH because of which the skin and eyes of the animals which come in contact with the water of this lake get burnt and the animals turn into stone.


7. Kaindy Lake Underwater forest, Kazakhstan

This 400 meter long lake is also called as birch tree lake and it was formed in 1911 because of a landslide which happened after an earthquake.


8. Abraham Lake and it’s frozen air bubbles

In the winter season, methane gas is released by the plants which get decayed at the lake bed but the gas gets trapped under the ice and bubbles are formed. Undoubtedly, photographers love to click it.


9. The dirty thunderstorm or the volcanic lightning

This volcano which is known as Eyjafjallajökull is in Iceland and what makes it unique is that along with volcanic eruptions, flashes of lightning also take place but they are not from the sky but created within the cloud of ash in the volcano.


10. The underground natural spring in Mexico

Sometimes the nature give us really cool surprises and who knew that a natural water spring was hidden under a limestone bedrock. When the limestone bedrock got collapsed, this natural underground spring got exposed and this is certainly a treat for the nature lovers.


11. Spotted lake in Canada

This lake is undoubtedly different from other lakes as it is not only spotted but also very rich in some minerals such as sodium sulfate, calcium, Magnesium sulfate etc. This lake also contains salty endorheic alkali and it is situated in British Columbia.


12. Rainbow trees of Eucalyptus

These trees of Eucalyptus found in Kailua, Hawaii are not just different from other Eucalyptus trees but also more beautiful than other trees because the flaky layers of their bark give an impression of a rainbow.


13. Darvaza Gas Crater

Darvaza Gas Crater which is in Turkmenistan is also known as Door to Hell or Gates of Hell. It a natural gas field which got collapsed into a cavern and the government of the country hopes to make it a great place to visit for the tourists.


14. The Wave, Arizona

It is a sandstone rock formation which certainly gives an impression that we are looking at a painting created by a great painter.


15. Moeraki Boulders

These are huge and spherical boulders which are lying along the stretch of Koekohe beach on the Otago coast of New Zealand which is between Moeraki and Hempden.


Which one astonishes you the most?

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