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This Guy Clicked A Rare Photo Of Space Station In Front Of Moon, Caught In The Sunlight 

This Guy Clicked A Rare Photo Of Space Station In Front Of Moon, Caught In The Sunlight

We all must have heard about the wild-life photography, fashion photography, sports photography, architectural photography, etc but have you ever heard of Astro photography?

Source: Twitter

Well, if you haven’t heard about it then let us tell you it is one of the most interesting branches of photography as it deals with photography of astronomical objects such as sun, moon, planets, satellites, etc. Andrew McCarthy is one of the most famous astro photographer and recently he captured a very special event when he made the video and took photo of an International Space Station passing by from the front side of the Earth’s satellite, Moon. However, they both looked a little faded because of the sunbeam which was overpowering them.

Source: Twitter

Andrew McCarthy has an Instagram handle, cosmic_background on which he keeps sharing his work. He is being followed by 402K people on the Instagram and he also has a Twitter handle @AJamesMcCarthy where more than 53K people follow him.

Source: Twitter

Andrew McCarthy captioned the shot,

“The moon and the @iss caught in a sunbeam. This was a transit captured from my backyard this morning, and a difficult shot to capture since the moon was practically invisible against the glare of the sun. The transit against the lit portion of the moon lasted just a few hundredths of a second, shown here in a video slowed down roughly 6x.”

Click here to see his post on the Instagram

The satellite passed the moon at a very fast speed and if you are able to see it because the video was slowed down roughly six times.

He also posted the shots and the video on his Twitter account.

Here is the video of the event:

The speed of International Space Station is around 7.66 km/sec which means it covers 27,600 km in an hour.

You can see some more fascinating work of Andrew McCarthy by visiting his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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