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These 15 Funniest Pics Clicked At Just Perfect Time At Indian Weddings Will Make You Go ROFL 

These 15 Funniest Pics Clicked At Just Perfect Time At Indian Weddings Will Make You Go ROFL

Marriage is a sacred institution which not only unites two individuals but also creates an ever-lasting bond between two families. It is said to be the biggest day of a person’s life and people made a lot of preparations to make it grand and memorable. In fact in India, big fat weddings are pretty common and people don’t mind spending more than their budget as they believe that this day comes once in life so everything should be more than perfect to the best of their capacity and there shouldn’t be shortage of anything.

Photographers and videographers also play a very important role in making any wedding ceremony unforgettable by capturing each and every moment of the special day to be cherished forever by the bride, groom and their families. However sometimes they also click few ROFLing moments that make others laugh out loud and here we are going to share 15 such hilarious pics and videos.

1. Did she not like the groom?

Well, sometimes it happens that the bride’s friends or some close relative doesn’t like the groom and may express it in some way or the other but what this girl was trying to do with the groom here is probably something only she can answer. Who does that to a man on the day of  his marriage?

2. They just can’t wait for even few hours for Suhaagraat:

This couple, especially groom, seems to be a in a great hurry for their Suhaagraat. Just look at his gesture and what the bride is about to do…. Shhhh

3. Is he experiencing constipation or not happy with the heavy garland?

The bride has a beautiful smile on her face but just take a look at the facial expressions of the groom.. Doesn’t it appear that he is experiencing some problem like gastric trouble or constipation? Or is it that he is not happy over arrangements or the weighty garland?

4. Tera dhyan kidhar hai, ye tera haath kidhar hai?

This guy’s one gesture ruined the whole group photo and even he too must be cursing himself for not being able to control while being on the stage and posing for the pic. Someone please gift him Itch Guard.

5. Budget-friendly marriage:

Well, it is always a good idea to save some bucks for future and this couple seems to have taken it so seriously that’s why they come up with this out-of-the-box idea for mahabachat. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

6. Dulha wrapped in a lot of stuffs? Is it an attempt to hide his face?

I seriously want to know who does this to a groom, I mean what people were thinking while decorating the man with so many stuffs! How is he going to pose with bride or is it that they don’t want the girl to see his face? Can you answer?

7. Simran mat ja:

The mom of this girl seems to be in no mood to let her daughter go but the way she expresses her wish is quite dangerous or rather full of stunt. What do you say?

8. Will they come along in honeymoon also?

It appears to be a scene when the groom is Yaaro Ka Yaar and has a big paltan who doesn’t care to include their bhabhi in the photo frame. Let’s just hope they don’t accompany the man in his honeymoon. I also wonder how she would have reacted or expressed her anger when they were alone after the ceremony.

9. JCB ke fayde – simply the next level thought!

You must have seen JCB serving the purpose of digging so far but these two couples have shown that it’s multi-purpose in fact and is a great option when you want to save on a highly decorated car.

10. No banana for this bride:

Marriage is counted among the happiest days of a couple’s life but this bride and groom don’t look so excited for the big day or perhaps they are upset. Whatever, the bride is not at all interested in banana.

11. That middle finger!

It’s said that kids are pretty innocent but taking a look at this image, it doesn’t seem to be true in the present era. While everyone else in the pic is posing differently, the little girl is showing middle finger!

12. Parents pay attention:

It’s high time parents keep an eye on every activity of their kids, especially the ones of this cute little couple who is engrossed while kissing each other, unaware of their surroundings.

13. She is already making him wet:

The shy woman doesn’t look at the man out of hesitation and tries to make him drink something which eventually falls on her pants.

14. Bewda spotted:

The groom goes to a temple before marriage and this pic indicates that the wine shop is everything for this guy. Is he asking for power and strength before stepping in the new stage of life?

15. Are they showing the trailer?

Who dances so vulgarly in a marriage? What are they trying to show? Do they mean – ye to sirf trailer hai, picture abhi baki hai??

Have you witnessed any such incident in a marriage ceremony? Share with us in the comments section below.

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