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Starling Murmuration Creates Shape Of A Giant Bird Over Lake. Pics Are Spectacular 

Starling Murmuration Creates Shape Of A Giant Bird Over Lake. Pics Are Spectacular

Photography is quite an interesting profession as it has a lot of scope for the creative people but sometimes patience is the key if a photographer wants to get a perfect shot especially in the case of wildlife photography. The wildlife photographers may have to wait for many days, weeks, months or may be years for getting a perfect shot as the wild animals are quite unpredictable in nature and they won’t act as per the wishes of the humans.

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Photographer James Crombie had to wait for many weeks for getting the shot of starling murmuration in the shape of a giant bird. He was able to click the beautiful photo in Lough Ennell, Co. Westmeath, Ireland and in this beautiful photo; thousands of birds can be seen flying in the sky in the shape of a huge bird.

Here is the beautiful murmuration of giant bird:

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James told a leading daily that usually he does sports photography but for some time now he was thinking about other things as well. He said that he was seeing that the birds were making shapes and he kept returning with a shape in his mind.

James further added that he was told by his friend Colin Hogg that starlings will make a great photo and he was the one who told James about the starlings that nest in the reeds near the lake and move in group towards the sunset in every four or five days and during this time they make shapes.

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James further elaborated that timing is quite important when it comes to clicking the starlings as they could have left the lake in few days. He further added that the starlings make murmurations of various shapes in order to save themselves as well but it can’t predicted as to which side they will fly to.

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After a long wait and after clicking around 500 photos, on March 2 at 6pm James got lucky as he captured the perfect shot and it felt as if the sky has become alive.

Here is the beautiful video of the murmuration:

Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Have you ever witnessed such a beautiful murmuration or formation, do share the photos.

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