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Meet The Photographer Who Waited For Six Days For The Perfect Shot Of A Leopard With Shadow 

Meet The Photographer Who Waited For Six Days For The Perfect Shot Of A Leopard With Shadow

Life of a wildlife photographer is certainly not an easy one as he spends a lot of time in the forests in order to get some wonderful and amazing shots. This job is quite risky as well because the person is surrounded by the wild animals all the time but the satisfaction that the photographer derives after getting a perfect shot is also huge.

Meet Mithun H

Today we are going to tell you about a wildlife photographer who has given us some of the best photos of wildlife. We are talking about Mithun H whose photo in which a leopard is seen with a black panther went viral and was loved by the social media users.

Image Source: Mithun H Photography

The Eternal Couple

Recently Mithun H gave an interview to an entertainment portal in which he told that it was a life-time opportunity and he can relive that moment just by closing his eyes anytime he wants. He stated that he exercised a lot of patience and waited a lot for this shot as he knew that Cleopatra (leopard) and the panther are just 100 meters away from in the thick forest where he can’t see them due to low visibility. Mithun knew that they both had killed a big animal and they won’t come out until their food is over. He stated this is where his knowledge and experience of following the panther helped him as he waited on the path which is one of the favorite paths of the panther. He waited there for 6 days before they both came and he got the perfect shot which he titled as “The Eternal Couple”.

Image Source: Mithun H Photography

In the photo, the leopard is seen with a black panther standing behind her. It has been clicked in such a manner that it gives an impression that the black panther is the shadow of the leopard and what makes the photo more appealing and attractive is the calmness with which both the big cats are looking towards the camera.

He could have waited for 6 years

Mithun H who waited 6 days for this beautiful shot stated that he could have waited for 6 years for such a shot. When he was asked that what is about wildlife photography that he likes the most, in reply he stated the element of surprise as you can never be sure what will happen next. He added that the forests are mysterious and it is his passion to unlock and explore them. He added that a wildlife photographer may have to wait for days or months or even years for a perfect shot but when that takes place, it is certainly a magical moment.

Image Source: Mithun H Photography

He first picked camera in 2009

Mithun H has been brought up in the forests of southern India and since his childhood he has been attracted towards the wildlife and especially big cats. He told that it was in the year 2009 when he got his first camera and his first click was a huge male tiger swimming in the flowing river effortlessly and that was the moment which helped him in deciding his future.

Image Source: Mithun H Photography

The photographer also added that he loves all the forms of wildlife but he is more passionate about the big cats because of the agility and grace with which they climb on the trees. He said that he can spend hours while watching them with their families and he has named many while following them for almost 12 years now in Kabini wildlife sanctuary. He said that his love for the big cats started with his favorite pair whom he named as Monk (male) and Moon (female) and their family is going pretty strong now.

Image Source: Mithun H Photography

Risks of being a wildlife photographer

Talking about the risks associated with this profession, he said that the photographer should know his limits and should have the knowledge of animal behavior. He said that these animals are very scared and shy and the photographer should give them space and slowly he will be able to get personal with them and two things which are of utmost importance are patience and respect.

Image Source: Mithun H Photography

Second favorite

Talking about his favorite shot, Mithun H ranked “The Eternal Couple” the highest and after this it is the photo of a black panther drinking water from a river and his shadow is seen in the water. This photograph also went viral a couple of years back.

Image Source: Mithun H Photography

In the end of his interview, Mithun expressed his desire of working for the awareness and conservation of the big cats as he feels that they are very much neglected and are at risk because of the conflicts that they have with humans. He added that the people should realize the importance of these big cats in our environment.

We certainly agree with what Mithun H has stated, what about you?

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