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IIT Madras Team Develop AI To Restore The Old, Damaged Photos & Bring Them Back To Life 

IIT Madras Team Develop AI To Restore The Old, Damaged Photos & Bring Them Back To Life

There are times when our old memories which are in the form of photographs got spoiled due to rain, water, haze, etc and get blur and we are left with no other option other than throwing them but now such photos can be brought back to life or can be restored like earlier with the help of a new technology. The new technology has been developed by the researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and they have used the artificial neural networks for this purpose.

Source: Indiatimes

Though the main use of this technology is to restore the images of CCTV which degrade due to weather conditions but soon it will be used for other types of images as well.

The man behind this technology is Dr. A.N Rajagopalan who holds the position of chair professor Sterlite Technologies in the Electrical Engineering department in the institute and he was assisted by Maitreya Suin and Kuldeep Purohit.

Source: Indiatimes

The researchers divided the task in two stages as they felt that it is not possible for a single neural network to look at the spoiled part of the image and cleaning the image at the same time.

In the first stage the spoiled or degraded parts of the photo are identified and removed by the neural network and in the second stage the image is restored with the help of the information obtained in the first stage.

Source: Indiatimes

This technology is far better than the existing methods because it not only uses the method of distillation for restoring image but also the method of prediction for spoiled locations.

Isn’t it great?

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