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15 Epic Panoramic Fails That Are One Of A Kind & Truly Classy 

15 Epic Panoramic Fails That Are One Of A Kind & Truly Classy

With the advent of smartphones, we all have become photographers and the mobile companies are also not leaving any stone unturned in adding more and more features in phones. Panorama is one of the features which help in taking a larger view or an unbroken view of a very big region.

However, there are times when the result of panorama gets a little distorted and today we are going to show you 15 such photos which may be called as panoramic failures but they are classy in a sense as well.

1. Panorama and a moving goat:

Well, you will never use panorama with a moving goat after looking at this pic. The goat’s eyes are displaced while its mouth has disappeared. In fact, an online user went to the extent of saying that it’s satan’s goat.

Image Source

2. More than half dog is invisible:

The photographer wanted to capture the dog also in his image but it has come out as horrible. More than half of the dog’s body is invisible and surely no dog lover would like it.

Image Source

3. Not a sci-fi movie:

No, this pic is not a scene from any sci-fi Hollywood movie but a panoramic fail clicked by a person in London. However, this certainly gives an impression that it has been taken from a Hollywood flick, any film you remember which has scenes like this?

Image Source

4. Where is the hand going?

The girl’s hand seems to be out of control as it is getting enlarged while the girl is holding the fishing rod. The fishing rod has also disappeared in the image so instead of giving the panoramic view, the whole scene has got spoiled.

Image Source

5. Panorama gone wrong big time:

The panorama can go so wrong that it can even change the shape of person’s body. In the photo, you can see the man is slowly being changed into an orangutan.

Image Source

6. This dog is Cereberus:

Not only with goat but with moving dog also, you should never use panorama. In the image, three heads of the dog can be seen giving us an impression that it is Cereberus. Those who have no idea who Cereberus is, let us tell you that it is a three-headed dog who guards the gates of the underworld in order to make sure that no dead escapes from there.

Image Source

7. Where is the hand coming from?

The kid of the person who is in the photo took a panorama which resulted in an epic failure. The person has three hands out of which one is adjoined with the neck.

Image Source

8. This goat turns out be a centigoat:

The body of the goat doesn’t seem to end and gives an impression that it is a centigoat. Just think for a while if we actually see such a goat in real. Scary, isn’t it?

Image Source

9. The world is going downwards:

After taking a look at this photo, it seems as if the world is going down with the Niagara Falls.

Image Source

10. His head went for hiking:

This is certainly one of the weirdest pics as only the head went for hiking with the legs and the remaining body was taking rest at home.

Image Source

11. Quite unusual view:

This guy took some images at the Lake Louise but the panorama that was offered to him by Google was quite unusual. He took a shot of his friend who was standing in front of a beautiful background but the result was not satisfactory at all.

Image Source

12. The guy stood up:

While the person was taking the panorama shot of the stadium, the guy sitting in front stood up suddenly and what happened after that can easily be called giant failure.

Image Source

13. The face in the scenery:

The whole panorama was spoiled when the person’s friend walked in. However, we must admit that it also gives an artistic feeling just like a painting. What do you say?

Image Source

14. This is not what was expected:

It is certainly one of the weirdest photos that we have ever seen of the panoramic views failures. The Dachshund dog has turned into an alien being. Quite scary, isn’t it?

Image Source

15. The work of a devil:

The body of the girl is distorted in such a manner that it seems the work of a devil rather than a panoramic failure.

Image Source

Which of these pics do you think is the biggest panoramic failure?

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