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11 Pics Which Show The World Is Full Of Surprises & You Know Almost Nothing About Them 

11 Pics Which Show The World Is Full Of Surprises & You Know Almost Nothing About Them

The world is pretty amazing place and though we may think that we know a lot about the world, there are still some things which are not known to majority of the people of this world. However with the advent of the Internet, we have got the chance to know about many things or happenings which are taking place in other parts of the world.

1. Glowing mushrooms:

Many people like to eat mushrooms but do you know that there are some mushrooms which glow in night? These types of mushrooms are found mostly in Brazil and Vietnam but now the scientists have discovered the reason behind their glow.

2. A rainbow but only white in color:

Though this bow is also of the same shape as of rainbow but in reality, it is a fog bow. The water droplets are very small because of which the colors are also weak and only white color is seen. This is quite rare so if you ever witness it, do click it.

3. Sunset but from above the clouds:

Sunsets are very beautiful and many times we sit comfortably to witness them. However, you will be amazed to see the sunset from above the clouds. Isn’t it mesmerizing?

4. Blue lava from volcano:

The Kawah Ijen volcano which is in Indonesia has become a matter of curiosity for many people as the lava of this volcano is blue in color. Usually the volcanoes emit red hot lava but this volcano has been emitting blue lava. This is happening because of the huge amount of sulphur that is getting burned at high temperature. The scientists have stated that the lava of this volcano is also red but the sulphur on getting burnt is giving neon blue color.

5. Shoes got shrunk:

A woman left a shoe in the backseat of her car and forgot about it for nearly 2 months. However, after two months when she noticed that a shoe was lying in the backseat, she got the surprise of her lifetime as the shoe got shrunk in the sunlight.

6. This road was picked and shifted by a storm:

Sometimes the quality of material used in building roads is so bad that potholes get created in the rainy season. This happens because the material used in making the road gets washed away in the rain. But this road was so badly built that it was literally picked up and placed on the other side by the storm.

7. A spring flowing through a tree:

We may have seen trees or shrubs in middle or on the side of a lake or a river but this is very different. Here in this photo, you can see a spring flowing through a tree and it is not just amazing but quite unique as well.

8. The bridge that transforms into tunnel:

Scania, the southernmost province of Sweden, gets separated by Zealand, a Danish island by the Øresund strait. In order to connect them, a bridge was constructed. However, what makes it amazing is the fact that this bridge turns into an underwater tunnel for some distance.

9. Blue sunset:

While the sunsets on Earth are little reddish, orange and yellowish, the sunsets on planet Mars are blue. This happens because of the fine dust which makes the nearby area of Sun look blue to the humans who are watching the sunset from Earth.

10. The weird behavior of snow:

Nature can behave in weird manner! Who would have ever thought that snow can behave like a fine layer of a blanket and can get folded like the one which can be seen in the photo.

11. The empty leaning tower of Pisa, Italy:

The leaning tower of Pisa is one of the most famous tourist spots of the world and many people visit it over the year. However, this leaning tower is completely empty inside if we leave the stairs and safety equipment which have been fitted for stabilizing the tower.

Which of these did you find the best and most beautiful? Let us know.

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