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Shashi Tharoor Roasted A British Professor After He Called Idli The Most Boring Thing In The World 

Shashi Tharoor Roasted A British Professor After He Called Idli The Most Boring Thing In The World

Everyone have their own choices when it comes to food, while one person may love a particular dish, the other person may not like it so much and there is nothing to take an offence in this matter but a British professor paid a heavy price of criticizing the south Indian food Idli.

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We Indians love our food and Idli is one of the most favorite snacks of Indians so when it was called the most boring thing in the world, the Indians lost their cool and the British professor Edward Anderson got got trolled big time. It all started when Zomato asked the social media users to name a food item which they don’t understand why is very famous, Zomato tweeted,

“what’s that one dish you could never understand why people like soo much”

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Edward made one mistake and that mistake was of responding to this tweet, he tweeted,

“Idli are the most boring things in the world.”

Soon Edward’s tweet was noticed by Ishaan Tharoor who’s father Shashi Tharoor is an Indian politician. Ishaan responded by saying that he feels that he has encountered the most offensive take on the micro-blogging site. Ishaan tweeted,

“I think I’ve encountered the most offensive take on Twitter.”

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The Indian politician Shashi Tharoor also noticed the tweet after his son responded and he was also pretty hard on the British professor whose in-laws belong from Kerala. Shashi Tharoor wrote,

“Yes, my son, there are some who are truly challenged in this world. Civilization is hard to acquire: the taste & refinement to appreciate idlis, enjoy cricket, or watch ottamthullal is not given to every mortal. Take pity on this poor man, for he may never know what Life can be.”

Edward was already getting slammed a lot so when Shashi Tharoor slammed him, he responded with, “Oh dear…

Edward also named many other south Indian dishes which he like to have such as dosa, appam, etc other than the idli. He added that he was expecting the response from Shashi Tharoor as his son had replied and he also revealed that he had given his class Shashi Tharoor’s book, “Inglorious Empire” to read and he also posted the photo of the book. Edward tweeted,

“Oh no, I feared that the world’s most famous idli evangelist would see this after @ishaantharoor
tweeted it! Coincidentally ‘this poor man’ is currently re-reading one of your books which I’ve set my students to read for a class next week!”

Shashi Tharoor was also quick to respond as he explained to Edward that how he should have idlis so that his class would go better, Shashi tweeted,

“Try it with a plate of steaming idlis, accompanied by coconut chutney with a garnish of mustard seeds, a red-chilli-and-onion samandi & some molagapodi w/melted ghee. If the idli batter has been fermented right, it’s the closest thing to heaven on this earth! Class will be better”

Till now, Edward understood that he has made a mistake by accidentally making angry the whole of south India so he ordered idli for lunch but still he maintained that is opinion about it remains unchanged. Edward tweeted,

“Having accidentally enraged the entirety of South India (and its omnipresent diaspora) on twitter, it was only right to order idlis for lunch. I’m very sorry to report that my unpopular – or “blasphemous”, as some have said – opinion remains unchanged. #sorrynotsorry”

What do you think, was this trolling justified or unnecessary, do let us know.

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