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Fans Are Requesting Khali To Do Weird Things & You Will Go ROFL After Reading These Requests 

Fans Are Requesting Khali To Do Weird Things & You Will Go ROFL After Reading These Requests

In the times of coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood got the highest number of requests by the people who were facing some problem due to the COVID-19. When the first wave hit the country, Sonu Sood came forward and arrange transportation for those who were stuck in different cities such as Mumbai, Pune, etc and wanted to return to their native places and during the second wave, Sonu Sood and his team worked hard to arrange the oxygen cylinders, medicines, injections, etc for the needy.


However, for the last few days, the WWE wrestler The Great Khali, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana has received many requests from his fans but almost of them are bizarre to the extreme. It all started when The Great Khali posted one of his old photos on his Instagram account and while some people praised him, some started coming up with weird requests.

Here is the photo posted by Khali:

Source: Instagram

Here are some comments:

Later on, The Great Khali posted a video in which he is seen doing haircutting for a kid and Khali is giving him a hairstyle which is quite similar to the West Indian cricketer Andre Russell. Click here to watch the video directly on Instagram.

Here are some comments:

Soon people also started having fun on the micro-blogging site, Twitter and here are some of the memes which were posted on Twitter:

It seems that sitting at home for a long time has bored people and now they are finding new ways of having fun. However, it hasn’t affected The Great Khali at all and he is still posting photos and videos on his Instagram account. Which was your favorite comment, do let us know.

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