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15 Hilarious Posts That Prove Indians Had Too Much Internet 

15 Hilarious Posts That Prove Indians Had Too Much Internet

There is no denying the fact that the Internet has made our lives pretty easy as it’s of a great use if you want to gain knowledge on some subject or topic, wish to buy things from the comfort of your couch, learn some recipes, want to relax yourself with your favourite music or look for entertainment by means of movies or web series and so on. Social media is also quite handy as it keeps us close to our near and dear ones even if they are settled abroad and also provides us a vital platform to share our thoughts and views over something. People also love to post their pics and videos with catchy caption to get more attention and update their kith and kin on what they have been upto but there are some individuals who make so weird posts which you just can’t ignore!

In this article, we are going to share best 15 of such posts with you and we bet that they will make you go ROFL!

1. Chori pakdi gayi….

Some people are too sharp and can read even between the lines or get something which is not even talked about but may be true! By the way, nice ad!


2. Triangle or 90 degree angle?

Who is interested in this ‘angle’? Did she mean ‘angel’? Certainly she did but little spelling mistakes can cause big damage!


3. He is arrest

This boy’s caption reminds me of Umar Akmal, “Don’t book a judge by its cover”!


4. Does his pencil get smaller each time it goes into the sharpener?

This guy is over-obsessed with himself and thinks that girls are just crazy for him but does sharpener make his pencil smaller at every action?


5. Really?

It really needs guts to make an announcement of this! Why do people not Google or think twice before writing captions?


6. Pussies in the well

This is another example of crazy captions that are absolutely mindless.


7. Only engineers reply

Any IIT girl would want to reply to the question? I wonder how someone can even ask it at the first place!


8. Bolo Jubaan Kesari – Daane Daane Mein Kesar Ka Dum…

Motherhood is the best feeling in the world and elders of the house get quite careful of what the would-be mother should eat and what not. Saffron (Kesar) is good for baby as well as the mother so many people prefer to take it in some form, for instance in milk, but this aunty who makes her daughter eat pan masala as it has Kesar in it is just bizarre.


9. File RTI

It’s good to be interested in knowing about your Prime Minister but out-of-the-box questions that even PM Modi would not have thought about must be coming from someone who either has a lot of time to waste or is over-obsessed with Modi Ji.


10. Mera beta engineer banega

Well, Indian parents are quite worried about their child’s future and that’s why, they start planning well in advance but isn’t it too early?


11. Jurassic Park lover

The world is full of different kinds of people and while there are quite smart, intelligent and brilliant ones, there is also no shortage of folks who like to do weird things but to this extent? I’d seriously advice the girl to dump this man and look for some other guy if she wishes to remain a girl! What say?


12. Sasta nasha?

Well, that’s a pretty bold caption and I’m sure his family and relatives must not be on social media otherwise things would not have been pretty smooth for him. If you know what I mean…


13. RIP English

While trying to be super cool, some people make such silly and embarrassing mistakes that they become a butt of joke. Enroll yourself in English class man!


14. The user must be thinking why the hell that tweet was made in the first place

Well, it’s not necessary for everyone to be perfect in English, especially those whose mother tongue is not English but a person must be careful of replying in the language he/she knows properly to convey the correct message. Moreover, if you don’t understand something, just stay away and don’t unnecessarily poke your nose into everything. This tweet is the proof!


15. Worst & still 5 stars? To buy or not to buy, that is the question….

Giving reviews on your online purchase prove to be quite helpful for other users who want to make sure whether to buy a particular product or not and hence while writing review, the buyer must ascertain to be precise in whatever he/she writes. However here while reviewing the helmet, the user has shockingly given it 5 stars and still called it the worst product. Even in the detailing part, the helmet is written to be awesome overall so on the whole, it’s a matter of great discussion whether to go for it or not!


Have you also stumbled upon such posts on social media? Do share with us. Also don’t forget to tell which one you found the funniest as well as the creepiest!

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