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15 Bizarre Shaadi Profiles That Will Make You Feel Happy That You Are Single 

15 Bizarre Shaadi Profiles That Will Make You Feel Happy That You Are Single

In the older days, relatives, acquaintances and the priests used to play an important role in the match-making of a person but in the modern times, our reach has increased a lot due to the technology and now people can look for their soulmates online as well. There are many online match-making websites on which a person can upload his profile and can be contacted by those who like his profile. Usually people upload their personal details, their likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc but there are few people who make such a profile which makes the reader laugh out loud. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that you will go ROFL after reading few bizarre shaadi profiles.

Here are 15 such bizarre shaadi profiles, have a good laugh:

1. Shaadi profile of Manohar who wants a girl with fertile land, should be private and also needs to give a calf once a year, LOL.

2. Family with 2 private bank accounts want bride for their son but only front profiles as it is difficult to know about girl’s beauty from side profiles.

3. The expectations of this girl from Noida are pretty high, in fact she doesn’t even deserve to get them fulfilled.

4. She is Sowmya from Bangalore who doesn’t have a male, you can visit her resident if you like her.

5. This guy wants a healthy woman with no moustache and minmum 3 inches shorter. He won’t be looking her for the rest of life and loves his space.

6. This guy is pretty clear as to what he wants from a girl.

7. He wants a simple girl to do homework, is he in school or going to join any school?

8. This guy is not handsome or good-looking but want girl with normal skin color, not black or white.

9. This is what happens when you watch too much of television serials.

10. This girl named Alka has beauty spots on her body and she is ready to show them to a person who is dashing, speaks English, lives in a metro, shaves regularly and is strong in a physical manner.

11. Sridhar wants a slim girl with 7 figure salary and he doesn’t want dowry but some gift items should be there.

12. Ridhima doesn’t want the boy to call her pumpkin, honey, sugar, teddy, etc as she is not a dessert or a toy as well.

13. Yashoda wants a boy with long height, long hair and he can also poke her on the Facebook.

14. Simple person with simple living and high thinking wants a partner who is simple but well settles in Canada or America, Ufff.

15. A hero is required, anyone interested?

We are quite sure that your stomach must be paining after laughing a lot and if you have ever come across any such bizarre shaadi profile, do let us know about it.

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