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11 Indian Celebs Who Knew The Importance Of Their Body Parts And Got Them Insured 

11 Indian Celebs Who Knew The Importance Of Their Body Parts And Got Them Insured

Insurance is one of the basic necessities that every person should have because it may not control the mis-happening but it will certainly compensate in monetary terms and make it a little easy for the victim to recover. There are many types of insurance for example life insurance, health insurance, car and bike insurance, travel insurance, etc. While the common people used their hard-earned money for buying life, health and vehicle insurance, the celebrities get their body parts insured which they think is of high importance for them.

It may sound a little difficult to believe that many stars have insured their body parts for a whopping amount and today we are going to share a list of such stars with you:

1. Lata Mangeshkar – Voice

The legendary 91-yr old playback singer is also known as the Nightingale of India because of her melodious voice. She has insured her voice or rather we should say her vocal chords for an undisclosed amount. There is no denying the fact that Lata Mangeshkar’s success is all because of her singing which ultimately depends on her voice.

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2. Vijender Singh – Fingers

The professional Indian boxer has won medals at the international events and has also tried his hands in acting but failed. The 35-yr old boxer insured his fingers because they are very important for a boxer.

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3. Amitabh Bachchan – Voice

The legendary Bollywood actor has insured his voice which has certainly helped him a lot in making an impact on the audiences along with his superb acting. You will be shocked to know that in the beginning of his career when he tried to get a job at All India Radio, he was rejected due to his voice.

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4. John Abraham – Butt

John Abraham is undoubtedly one of the fittest actors of the Bollywood and he made everyone go crazy by giving a glimpse of his butt in the movie Dostana. Soon after, he got his butt insured as he must have understood its importance.

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5. Rajinikanth – Voice

The southern superstar Rajinikanth who is known for his brilliant acting and dialogue delivery has also insured his voice; in fact he has also got it copyright so that no one can copy him as well.

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6. Priyanka Chopra – Smile

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the desi girl of Bollywood who is now an international star has also won the Miss World 2000 before entering the Bollywood. She is one of the most beautiful actresses and has a lovely smile which has made many go crazy after her. It is being said that she has insured her smile for a huge amount of $10million however nothing can be said with confirmation about the amount.

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7. Sania Mirza – Hands

The Indian female tennis star has won many tournaments for the country and she has got her hands insured as they play an important role in her sports career.

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8. Adnan Sami – Fingers

Adnan Sami who is known for his soothing voice is also known as the fastest keyboard player of the world so he was quite right when he got his fingers insured. Adnan Sami is a great musician who has the knowledge of playing 35 musical instruments.

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9. Sunny Deol – Voice and dialogue delivery

Sunny Deol, the Bollywood action hero who is known for his solid dialogue delivery and loud voice has given many hit movies in his career. Sunny Deol has got his voice and dialogue delivery insured as it has played an important role in making him the favorite of audiences.

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10. Mallika Sherawat – Complete body

The Murder actress who shook the whole nation with her kissing and bold fashion style has got her complete body insured.

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11. Neha Dhupia – Butt

Neha Dhupia was one of the hottest actresses of the Bollywood at one point of time and being the owner of a hot body, she got her butt insured for the all the right reasons.

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Which body part of yours is special in your opinion and would you like to get it insured?

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