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Video: This Person Claims He Was Offered Train In Dahej, He Rejected As He Had No Place For Parking 

Video: This Person Claims He Was Offered Train In Dahej, He Rejected As He Had No Place For Parking

The social media platforms have a lot of content for us to get entertained, for example you can watch comedy videos, funny dogs or cats video, etc, but there are some videos which leave a lasting impression on you and today we are going to show you one such video which will not only make you laugh but will also leave you in a state of shock.

Source: Twitter

The video has been shared by a Twitter handle, @GaurangBhardwa1 and in this video a person is asked whether he was offered a train in dahej (dowry). The person replied in affirmative and said that he was offered a train in dahej but he refused to accept it because he didn’t had the space to park the train. He also added that he had no knowledge of driving train, if he would have preferred a small vehicle but he doesn’t know how to drive train.


Here is the video:

One thing that we have to admit is the fact that the confidence of the person is just amazing despite the fact that he knows that nobody is going to believe whatever he is saying. The twitterati also lost its cool and many must have had laugh out loud after watching the video and many like me must have watched the video on a repeat mode.

Here are some selected Twitter reactions:

The internet certainly provides us with many options for having fun but this video is certainly a class apart and we advise you to save this video because it may make you laugh even in the critical times.

We request our readers to stay safe as coronavirus pandemic is going out of control, stay indoors as much as possible, go out only if very necessary, wear mask while going out, maintain social distancing, use sanitizer and wash your hands regularly.

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