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UP’s Own Einstein Or Mashoor Gulati Sets Twitter On Fire With Memes After His Viral Fight Video 

UP’s Own Einstein Or Mashoor Gulati Sets Twitter On Fire With Memes After His Viral Fight Video

It is being said that customer is a king for a shopkeeper so it is quite obvious that no shopkeeper will like its customer to get stolen by another shopkeeper. One such incident came into light in Baruat of Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh in which two chaat vendors and their workers got involved in a fight using rods and sticks on the matter of attracting customers.

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The fight carried on for nearly 20 minutes and it was recorded by a person who was present over there and the video soon got viral after it was uploaded on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

The police took action in the matter and as per a statement issued by them, 12 people got injured but luckily no one got seriously injured, eight persons were taken in custody by the police and the matter was all about attracting customers which eventually turned violent.

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The Indian twitterati soon started talking about the video, while some slammed the individuals for acting so irresponsibly, some blamed the law and order of the state for such situation. But there was one more reason for the video going viral and that was the red-haired uncle from Baraut who was seen in the video. The uncle reminded everyone of Dr. Mashoor Gulati, Albert Einstein and Viru Sahastrabudhhe and some people also loved the manner in which he fought with his opponents.

The name of red-haired uncle is Harvinder and after some time he gave an interview to ANI in which he told that he has been selling chaat for many years but the new chaat vendors are trying to steal his customers by spreading false rumours about him citing that he sells stale and low quality stuff.

The video was certainly of great help for the police in identifying people behind this scuffle and Indian twitterati also didn’t miss the chance to have some fun.

Here are some selected hilarious tweets:

Let us hope that these chaat vendors will not fight again and attract customers on the basis of the taste of their chaat only.

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