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Twitter Roasts Akshay Kumar After He Walks 21 Km To Feel Pain Of Women Who Walk Miles For Water 

Twitter Roasts Akshay Kumar After He Walks 21 Km To Feel Pain Of Women Who Walk Miles For Water

Water is one of the basic necessities for every living being but we humans are still not understanding the fact the water is getting scarce on Earth and we or the young generations may face a situation when there will be no water left on the planet.

Despite the fact that so many years have passed after our independence, there are many villages in the country where women have to walk miles for getting water. As per the reports, there are villages where old men are marrying young women as extra wife just because the old wife is not able to walk long distances for bringing water. Though the government is working towards providing everyone with basic necessities such as water but still as a country we have a long way to go.

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News 18 along with Harpic India organized a Mission Paani Waterthon in order to bring some celebs, politicians, etc on a same platform and promote the initiative of saving water so that the coming generations won’t have to live without water. The event aims to increase the awareness about water scarcity in the country and it will be based on the theme of “Paani Ki Kahaani, Bhaarat Ki Zubaani”.

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The event was hosted by the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and he not only talked about the ways to save the water but he also walked around 21 kilometers on treadmill in order to understand what the village women go through when they have to walk miles for procuring water.

The Khiladi Kumar talked about three ways by which everyone can save water – first by offering only half a glass of water to guests as they can certainly ask for more if they want to drink more, secondly by using tap water for urinals rather than flushing and third, by installing sensor taps to control the wastage of water.

Akshay Kumar also talked about the hydrotherapy which has helped him a lot in recovering after he had tough fitness sessions.

You can hear what Akshay Kumar said in this video:

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While everything was liked by the netizens, what they were not able to digest was the 21 km walk on treadmill to understand the pain of the village women because Akshay Kumar walked on treadmill, in an AC room while wearing sports shoes but the village women have to walk barefoot on barren paths under the sun. The twitterati lost its cool and troll Akshay Kumar for his antics.

Here are some selected reactions:

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