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This German City Installed Sleeping Pods For Homeless People To Save Them From Cold 

This German City Installed Sleeping Pods For Homeless People To Save Them From Cold

There is no doubt that there is no better place than home in this whole world but there are some underprivileged people who are homeless and they can’t even afford to live on rent. Life become harder for such homeless people in the rainy and winter season, though the authorities try to ensure that nobody loses their lives due to the climatic conditions by opening some traditional shelter homes in the city but still we get to hear about those who lose their lives because they stay in open even in the severe weather conditions.

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There are some homeless people who don’t like to visit the shelter homes because mostly dogs or pets are not allowed over there while some may have psychological reasons as well. For such homeless people, pods have been installed in a German city, Ulm and these pods are being called as Ulmer Nest.

These pods are made of steel and wood and have been installed in parks and few other places for the homeless people so that they can take shelter in them and save themselves from frostbite. The pods come with thermal insulation for keeping people warm inside, there is space for 2 people and it doesn’t have cameras but has sensors which start functioning once they are in use.

The group which has made this project a reality has written on the social networking site, Facebook that though the project got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic but the good thing is that it started before the weather started turning severe. These Ulmer Nests are only for emergency situation and they won’t be used whole year.

As of now, these pods are connected with Ulmer LoRa-Wan-IoT-wireless network and the group is planning to depend on it totally rather than mobile networks. The pods are very user friendly and the best thing is that there is no need to fill any form for using the Ulmer Nest.

Here are some more photos of the Ulmer Nest:

Image Source: Ulmer Nest

This is certainly one of the best things we have heard in the last few days, isn’t it? Every country should think about it.

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