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This Action Of Cristiano Ronaldo Resulted In Coca-Cola Losing $4 Million In Just One Day 

This Action Of Cristiano Ronaldo Resulted In Coca-Cola Losing $4 Million In Just One Day

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese professional footballer is certainly one of the best of all times and he is also one of the most popular athletes of the present times. Cristiano Ronaldo has a great fan following on the social media networks, he is followed by 299 million people on the Instagram which makes him the most followed sportsperson on Instagram and on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys the huge following of 92.2 million.


The Portuguese footballer who leads the team of his country and also plays for Juventus is an inspiration for many youngsters all over the world and whatever he says or does has a great effect on the youngsters of today.


Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo did something which resulted in huge loss to a soft drinks multinational company.

Before Portugal’s match against Hungary in the ongoing UEFA Euro Cup 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo was supposed to address a press conference but when he noticed that two bottles of Coca-Cola are kept in front of him, he removed them and picked up a bottle of water and recommended everyone to drink water or agua in his own language.


Here is the video of the incident:

As we said earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo is an idol to many youngsters and Coca-Cola, the beverage drink has always tried to attract the youngsters most, this move by the Portuguese footballer pretty costly for the Coca-Cola as its share prices fall to $US55.22 from $US56.10 and Coca-Cola’s market value got reduced by $4 million.

This was a big setback for the soft drink multinational especially when they are one of the major sponsors of the tournament. The Twitterati also got in action and Twitter was flooded with reactions of the online users on this matter.

Here are some selected reactions:

This is certainly a controversial step by Cristiano Ronaldo but he has given a very clear message to his followers that these soft drinks are not good for health. However, on the other side there are many Bollywood celebrities who don’t mind endorsing these cold drinks because they are paid huge amount for this purpose.

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