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Sister Didn’t Return Brother Rs. 500, He Took Revenge By Hiding Her Assignment In 66 Folders 

Sister Didn’t Return Brother Rs. 500, He Took Revenge By Hiding Her Assignment In 66 Folders

The childhood fights between brother and sister lay the foundation of a strong relationship for the lifetime but sometimes such fight can make a person famous as well. Recently a Twitter user took to the micro-blogging site and revealed that she ought to return her brother Rs. 500 but as she didn’t returned her brother took revenge by hiding her assignment in 66 folders.

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The brother named the folders in such a manner that it was a clear message for her sister that she has taken Rs. 500 from her but not returned it so it is revenge. He made it difficult for her sister by creating 3 more folders in every folder and wrote that it is a lesson for her that she should return his money along with hoodies and perfume. The brother increased the complexity of the situation by naming the main folder as “Chemistry” while she is a student of commerce stream.

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The sister took to Twitter and wrote that she has the worst brother and she has to submit the assignment before 7, this is what she tweeted, “I have the worst brother anyone could possibly have also i have to submit the assignment today before”. She also posted a photo of the computer screen which showed all the folders.

The chemistry folder

While many people told her the ways to search the file, few talked about the fights that they used to have with their siblings.

When an online user asked the sister how she found the assignment, she told that her brother deleted the assignment after transferring it to pend rive and she wasted three hours unnecessarily searching for the assignment.

However, there were some who alleged that she is lying as it is a stolen meme and has done all this just to look cool on Twitter:

Do you also know about any such incident in which a sibling came up with a unique idea to take revenge? Share with us.

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