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Since Her Birth, This 18-Yr Old Girl Has Been Eating Parle-G Biscuits Only & Nothing Else 

Since Her Birth, This 18-Yr Old Girl Has Been Eating Parle-G Biscuits Only & Nothing Else

There are many delicious food items in the world for us to taste and enjoy but each one of us have our own favorite dishes which we can have all the time. However, today we will let you know about a girl who has been consuming only one food item for the last 18 years of her life and that one food item is Parle-G biscuits.


It may sound completely unbelievable but it is true that Ramawwa who belongs from Talakatnal village which is Belagavi district of Karnataka has not eaten anything else since her birth. Ramawwa’s parents Yallappa and Yellawwa Guddadinni are also worried for their daughter who also has a twin brother, Ramappa.


It all started when Ramawwa and Ramappa were small kids and their mother decided to feed them with Parle-G with cow milk instead of breast milk. While Ramappa explored the other dishes as well, Ramawwa refused to consume anything else other than Parle-G and today at the age of 18, she depends completely on six to seven packets of Parle-G in a day.


While talking to a leading daily, Ramawwa said that she doesn’t eats anything else and eating 4-5 biscuits at a time satiates her hunger. She further added that Parle-G biscuits are everything for her and she don’t know what she will do if the company stops manufacturing the biscuits.

Her parents are not only worried about her weird eating habit but also about her marriage, while on the other hand, Ramawwa is worried that what she will do if Parle-G go out of stock.

This is weird.

Cover Image: ScoopWhoop

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