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MP Farmer Who Lost Crops Of Rs 1 Lakh Received Just Re 1 In Insurance Claims. It’s Heartbreaking 

MP Farmer Who Lost Crops Of Rs 1 Lakh Received Just Re 1 In Insurance Claims. It’s Heartbreaking

There is no denying the fact that farmers play an important role in every living being’s life because they are the ones whom we should thank if we are getting food to eat. But the sad reality is that they have to suffer a lot and sometimes when they are not able to bear the burden of their problems, they choose to end their lives. Recently, the Modi government also faced a lot of protest over the farm bills but the government was successful in getting the bills passed in both the houses.

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Whenever the crops of farmers get damaged, they get some monetary compensation in the form of crop insurance claim but weird instances have come into light as a farmer whose crops worth Rs. 1 lakh got damaged received only Re. 1 as insurance claim. The incident took place in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, the name of the farmer is Puranlal. He was shocked to see that he received just Re.1 in his bank account despite the fact that he lost crop of huge amount which grew on two and a half hectare farm.

As per a report by a news channel, the Madhya Pradesh government has paid crop insurance claims to around 22 lakh farmers. There were other two farmers who received meager amount of Rs. 70 and Rs. 92 as crop insurance claims.

The officials of agriculture department chose to remain mum on this matter but an official talked on the condition of anonymity that the files of those farmers who received compensation less than Rs. 200 have been resent to the insurance companies for review. The official also said that the department would certainly talk to insurance companies in this regard. Till now, Rs. 81.71 crore has been paid as compensation to 64,893 farmers but it is being said that majority has received only small amounts.


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