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Memers React Over News Of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Missing After Criticizing Chinese Govt 

Memers React Over News Of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Missing After Criticizing Chinese Govt

Jack Ma, the Chinese business tycoon is making headlines on the social media networks as everyone is asking “Where is Jack Ma?” because the co-founder of AliBaba group has been missing for almost 2 months now. What made heads turn was the fact that he didn’t even attended the final episode of his own reality show, Africa’s Business Heroes in November 2020. If we talk about Jack Ma’s social media presence then he is missing from this medium as well, the last post that he made was on October 10, 2020.

It is being said that Xi Jinping led Chinese government is not happy with Jack Ma after he made some statements against the regulatory system of China and the state-owned banks. After this, he not only missed his talent show but also from the promotional videos and the webpage as well.


Alibaba and Ant Group was bringing an initial public offering worth $34 million USD in November 2020 but it was suspended by the Shanghai Stock Exchange which infuriated Jack Ma and he slammed the Chinese financial regulators publicly and also called the banks “pawnshops” as they lend only to those who could put something in collateral.
In December, the financial regulators announced that they will start an antitrust investigation in Jack Ma’s e-commerce business and it is being said that the Chinese government is working towards decreasing the impact of big companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, etc.

While the whole world wants to know the answer of the question, “Where is Jack Ma?” the memers didn’t wasted time and started posting some really creative and funny posts in regard to this incident.

Here are some selected hilarious reactions:
















We should be thankful that we all have the liberty to speak our mind and heart out in our country, what do you say?

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