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Man’s Phone Got Stolen By A Monkey But What The Monkey Did To It Made Him Smile With Joy 

Man’s Phone Got Stolen By A Monkey But What The Monkey Did To It Made Him Smile With Joy

Life is full of surprises and sometimes we witness such incidents in reality which we may never ever dream of. Something of a similar sort or rather quite unusual happened with Zackrydz Rodzi who is from Malaysia.

When he woke up one morning, he found that his mobile phone was missing from the place where he had left it last night. While talking to an entertainment portal, Rodzi said that he understood it was a robbery but it was weird in his opinion because his phone’s case was left by the robber.

Rodzi searched almost everywhere in order to ensure that he did not keep it somewhere by mistake and had forgotten it then. But nothing helped until he asked his younger brother to call on his phone while he was carrying out search operation in the backyard.

When his brother dialed his number, the ringtone was heard from the forest which was behind Rodzi’s house. He found his phone in the forest lying in the mud and though it was damaged internally, luckily it was still working. Rodzi decided to check it to get some clue about the thief and as he opened the photo gallery, there were a number of selfies. However there was a twist, the selfies were not of any human but of a monkey.

Now Rodzi understood what happened, the phone was stolen by a monkey and he used it to the best of his knowledge and capacity. Rodzi found it too hilarious that a monkey became a photographer and he stopped feeling bad about his phone got stolen.

Here are some selfies which were clicked by the monkey and we have to admit that he was quite good considering the fact that it was his first time and above all, he is a monkey:










The monkey must have entered the house from the window which was left open.

What did you think of the photography skills of the monkey? Pretty good, isn’t it?

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