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Man Ran Away Without Paying Bill As Girlfriend Came With 23 Relatives To Test His Generosity 

Man Ran Away Without Paying Bill As Girlfriend Came With 23 Relatives To Test His Generosity

The life is slowly coming back on track after the coronavirus lockdown and people are also hoping to have some good time in the remaining 2-3 months that are left in the year 2020. There is no denying the fact that if you have someone to give company, to share your feelings, to laugh together, etc then you can pass the tough times also in a comfortable manner but it is very difficult to pass time when you are alone. The lockdown must have been pretty hard for the singles to pass and now many of them are not in the mood to remain single anymore and they are going on dates in order to meet their soulmate.

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Mother fixing date for her son

A Chinese mother also fixed a date for her son who has living life like a single person for a long time and the son also offered to pay the complete bill as he was under the impression that he has to pay only for 2 people and it would have certainly helped him in impressing his date. However, the girl had some other plans and she didn’t went alone for date, she went with her 23 relatives on date as she was interested in seeing how generous the man is and will he pay the bill for 25 people.

The 29-yr old man was in for a rude shock as this is not something that he had expected even in the wildest of his dreams. The relatives were also in the mood to party as they ordered some really costly food items and alcohol based drinks. As expected the bill was exorbitant – 19,800 yuan (Rs 2.18 lakhs approx.)

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Man ran away

The man failed big time in the generosity test as he ran away from the restaurant without paying the bill and eventually it was the girl who paid the whole amount. Afterwards, they both discussed and it was decided that a part of the bill will be paid by the man while the remaining will be divided between the relatives.

There is no denying the fact that what the girl did was weird and nobody will pay such a huge amount on the first date on unknown people. Do share your opinion in this regard.

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