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Making Fun Of Someone’s English Doesn’t Make You Look Cool, It Makes You Look Stupid 

Making Fun Of Someone’s English Doesn’t Make You Look Cool, It Makes You Look Stupid

English Language certainly holds a lot of importance in our Indian society and it is a perception of many people that if you want to succeed in life then being well-versed in English is a necessity. However, this is something which should not happen as English is not the language of Indians and we adopted it from the Britishers who ruled over us for 190 years and the knowledge of English can’t be the parameter to declare a person successful or a failure. If a person is not well-versed in English or any other language then it doesn’t means that he is not a capable person and he can’t be successful in life instead people should try to know about the deeds done by that person to know him better.


We need to understand that a language is just a tool of communication and while someone may be proficient in English, someone else may lack proficiency in English due to various factors. However, making fun of someone just because he is not good in English is certainly a stupid act and people should stop being so irresponsible.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a cabinet reshuffle couple of days back, while few ministers were retained, some were asked to resign and new members of parliament were inducted as ministers and were given the charge of different ministries.


Mansukh Laxmanbhai Mandaviya, the Rajya Sabha member from the state of Gujarat was appointed as the new Health minister as he replaced Harsh Vardhan. However, as Mansukh L Mandaviya took charge, some trollers started circulating few old tweets which were made by him in English, in those tweets the new health minister has made some grammatical mistakes which depict his lack of proficiency in English language.

Here are few such tweets:

There is no denying the fact that it was really disgusting to see some people making fun of new health minister just because he can’t speak English properly but the good thing is that there were some who supported him and the let the world know that a language is a tool to communicate.

This gentleman made people aware of the good work that has been done by Mansukh L Mandaviya for which he was honoured by UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund).

Well, let us focus on the work that he does rather than on his English skills, what do you say?

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