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Lund University Of Sweden Is Sick & Tired Of Indians Who Are Making Cheap Comments On Their Facebook Page 

Lund University Of Sweden Is Sick & Tired Of Indians Who Are Making Cheap Comments On Their Facebook Page

There are more than 190 countries in the world and each one of them have their own cultures, traditions, languages along with different lifestyles. It is kind of obvious that a word will mean something in one language and something different in other language and a Swedish University has been facing a lot of problem due to their name.
What makes it more worrisome is that the problem that this university is facing is created by the public of India and also by few of its neighboring countries such as Pakistan, etc.

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The name of this Swedish university is Lund University and its Facebook page has got so many creepy and cheeky comments from India and Pakistan that the admins of the page have to write a post explaining their plight and the trauma that they had to undergo while spending hours in deleting the irrelevant comments.

Lund means green pastures or green area in Swedish while in Hindi the word, “lund” means private part of a male and it is mainly used as slang. Before we tell you what the admin wrote in the post, Lund University was founded in 1666 and is one of the top 100 universities of the world in the present times.

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The admins of the Lund University’s Facebook page wrote that they have the Facebook page for the last 10 years and time again and again it is being rediscovered by those who found its name funny. It was also written that the University is named after ancient town in Sweden and Lund in Swedish means green area. They also wrote that the Facebook page is used for the purpose of communicating with the prospective students from all over the world as every year they receive admission applications from the students from 170 countries. In conclusion, the admins requested the users that if they are not prospective students than they should write their comments directly to their friends rather than writing on their page as they have to spend a considerable amount of time is deleting useless comments and keep the page available and usable for those who are seriously interesting in studying over there.

Here is the statement:

Soon, the twitterati reacted and majority was quite unhappy with the fact that an education institution was getting targeted by the creepy online users.

Here are some selected reactions:

This is a serious concern not just for the people at Lund University but Indians as well because few cheap people are hampering the image of the whole country and we should not forget that such behavior can also spoil the chances of Indian students who want to get admission in foreign universities.

Have some respect guys.

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