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Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space & 95000 People Have Signed A Petition For Not Letting Him Return To Earth 

Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space & 95000 People Have Signed A Petition For Not Letting Him Return To Earth

Space exploration has always been a topic of interest for the human beings and the manner in which the things are progressing, space tourism will be pretty common in the near future. However, the common man should not dream of taking this journey as it is going to be a very costly affair and only rich people will be able to bear the expenses of the journey.


Jeff Bezos, who is quite popular as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the e-commerce giant, has also announced on June 7 that he is going to take the flight to space on July 20 along with his brother and best friend, Mark Bezos who paid whopping $28 million for getting the third berth in the flight.


They will fly in a re-useable rocket named as New Shephard which has been developed by Blue Origin, the company owned by Jeff Bezos. The huge amount of $28 million will be further donated to a foundation which is owned by Blue Origin. The foundation is known as “Club for the Future” and it’s main objective is motivate and inspire the youngsters to take up career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


The rocket system has been named after Alan Shepard who was the first American to fly in space and the day of flight, July 20 is quite special as it will be 52nd anniversary of moon landing which was done by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

While announcing that he is going to space, Jeff Bezos also revealed that travelling to space was a dream that he has been seeing from the age of 5 and it will be his greatest adventure.

However, after the announcement made by Jeff Bezos, a strange trend was witnessed as some people took to and started petitions as per which the CEO of Amazon should not be allowed to return on Earth from the space. Every petitioner has his own reasons, but the one which is getting a lot of support gives the reason: “Billionaire’s should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter they should stay there.”

By the time this article was written, more than 95000 people have signed it and the count was adding on.
Another petition which got a lot of attention was the one in which Jeff Bezos has been declared as an evil lord who wants to conquer the whole world and he has been accused of being a part of many conspiracy theories. Here is the description:


The Twitterati also expressed its opinion on this matter and here are some selected reactions:

Though Blue Origin has not revealed its pricing strategy for the future flights but the experts feel that the company will certainly charge around $200,000 from the travelers. The vision of Blue Origin is to create a future in which millions of human beings working and living in space so that the Earth can be preserved. Blue Origin believes that if we want to save Earth we need to explore and expand in search of resources and reduce the stress on Earth by establishing businesses in Space.

Other companies which are also working on Space Tourism is SpaceX which is owned by Elon Musk and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, when are you planning to travel to space?

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