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It’s PM Narendra Modi’s Birthday & National Unemployment Day Trending On Twitter 

It’s PM Narendra Modi’s Birthday & National Unemployment Day Trending On Twitter

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is celebrating his 70th birthday today, i.e., on September 17. He is one of the most loved and most famous politicians of India and it won’t be wrong to say that he has a pretty good global following as well. If we talk about social media networks, the Indian PM who has also served as the Gujarat Chief Minister for three terms has a huge following and he is considered as one of the strongest leaders of the world.

Tough decisions taken by the Modi government:

There is no denying the fact that PM Modi and his government have taken some really tough decisions which no other PM could have taken, such as demonetization, GST, abolition of Article 370 and Article 35 A which granted special status to Jammu & Kashmir, etc. The Ram Janambhumi matter has also been resolved in the tenure of his government and we just can’t ignore the fact that this government has handled the coronavirus pandemic in a far better manner than the governments of super-power nations.

COVID-19 and its effect on employment & economy:

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the economy in an adverse manner as the majority of the businesses were closed down during the lockdown which was imposed for almost 4 months. Despite the fact that many businesses are allowed to operate now, there are still some restrictions imposed on their functioning in order to stop the spread of the lethal virus. Many people have lost their jobs in this critical phase and unemployment rate is pretty high at this moment because no new jobs were created during this period.

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As per the findings of a study which was carried out by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the urban unemployment rate was 8.32% in the week which ended on September 6, 2020. If we talk about the rural unemployment rate, it was recorded at 7.65 percent in the month of August whereas just one month back in July, it was 6.66 percent.

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet:

The opposition is also leaving no stone unturned in criticizing the government as the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also taken to Twitter and said that massive unemployment in the country has forced the youngsters to mark this day as national unemployment rate. He has also shared a new article the heading of which read that there are 1 crore unemployed people looking for job while the jobs available are only 1.77 lakhs.

Here is what Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Massive unemployment has forced the youth to call today #NationalUnemploymentDay. Employment is dignity. For how long will the Govt deny it?”

#NationalUnemploymentDay or #RashtriyaBerozgariDiwas

While many online users are celebrating the birthday of the Indian PM Narendra Modi, there are many who are marking this day as #NationalUnemploymentDay or #RashtriyaBerozgariDiwas on the micro-blogging site Twitter. It is being done in order to slam the government for the increasing unemployment and asking it to increase the opportunities for youngsters.

Here are some of the selected tweets in this connection:

Do you also think that marking PM Modi’s birthday as National Unemployment Day is justified, especially when the whole world is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic and the economies of the super powers have also crumbled? Let us know your views in this regard in the comments section below.

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