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Friends Push & Force Guy To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Hilarious Video Goes Viral 

Friends Push & Force Guy To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Hilarious Video Goes Viral

It’s rightly said that friendship is one of the greatest gifts that life has given us and a true friend is no less than a treasure to cherish forever as he doesn’t try to please us with his comments and instead speaks the truth, no matter how bitter it may be. A true friend is our best critic as he never hesitates from calling a spade a spade and does only those things which are good for us in the long run, even if they are painful for a little time.


We all know that not only India but the whole world got hit by the lethal COVID-19 virus and things turned worse for more than a year now. However, the situation is getting back to normal gradually and a major credit for the same goes to medical professionals, doctors, nurses and frontline workers who left no stone unturned in dealing with the pandemic in an effective manner.

After a lot of hard work and time, scientists and researchers have finally come up with the vaccine for the COVID-19 virus and the good thing is that the vaccination drive has been on a full swing for a good amount of time now. However, it’s also true that there have been many misconceptions with regard to the vaccine and a number of people expressed their unwillingness to take the jab as well.

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A video is going viral on the Internet and social media networks in which some people are seen forcing and pushing a guy into a vaccination center while the man is trying his best not to get in. Nonetheless, the friends don’t give up and finally attain success in getting the guy vaccinated somehow. The whole attempt from compelling for vaccination to eventually making the man get the jab resulted in a hilarious situation that is leaving netizens in splits.

Here is the video which has been shared by a mediaperson Anil Dubey; however he makes it clear that he has received it on WhatsApp:

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Twitter loved the spirit of the friends and adored their gesture as they actually cared for their friend and got the work done by hook or by crook as this will eventually save the man from the virus; nevertheless, there were few who also pointed out the risk of needle being broken during vaccination in this way which might have proved dangerous for the guy.

Check out some reactions:







That’s the funniest thing to watch on the Internet today, isn’t it?

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