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Ahmedabad Woman Records Last Message, With A Smile On Face Takes Life By Drowning In Sabarmati River 

Ahmedabad Woman Records Last Message, With A Smile On Face Takes Life By Drowning In Sabarmati River

There is no person in this world whose life is full of happiness only and no sad moments, while some fight all the hardships and emerge victorious in their struggles, there are some who break down emotionally and decide to bring an end to everything by ending their life.

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A very sad incident has come into light from Ahmedabad in which a married woman smilingly took her life by drowning herself in Sabamati river. The name of the woman is Ayesha Arif Khan and before taking her life she made a video in which she said that whatever she is going to do is her own will and she is under no pressure. In the beginning of the video, Ayesha tried to show that she is happy however by the end of the video, her emotions were quite clear and it was understood that she is broken inside. She said that she is not made for fights and she feels that Allah gave her this much life which was quite peaceful. She asked her father to withdraw the case against her husband Arif. She said that she loves Arif but he wants freedom from her then so it be.

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She said that she is very happy that she will meet Allah and she will ask Allah that where did she made mistake. She added that she got very good parents and good friends but something was lacking whether in her or in her luck. She said that she will definitely ask Allah to not to show her face of humans again and she has understood one thing that love should be always two-sided not one-sided and some love stories don’t get complete even after nikah (marriage).

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While concluding the video, she showed the Sabarmati river and said that this is a lovely river and I will pray that she take me inside her. She asked her family members not to create a huge scene after her demise as she is like winds and she just want to flow and will not stop for anyone. She also said that she is very happy as she got the answers of her questions and she has also said whatever she wanted and asked to remember her in prayers as who knows whether she will get place in Jannat (heaven) or not.

Here you can watch the video:

Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

After sending the video to her family members, Ayesha jumped into the river. Her family members informed police about it but till then it was too late and later on, her body was recovered from the river.

As per the reports, Liaquat Ali, Ayesha’s father told that his daughter was married to Arif Khan in 2018, Arif is from Jalore, Rajasthan. However, soon after marriage Arif and his family members made Ayesha’s life hell and started demanding for dowry. Ayesha was sent to her parents home after few months of marriage but some relatives managed to convince Arif and Ayesha was once again sent with her husband.

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However, it didn’t lasted long and in 2019, Arif once again left Ayesha in her parents’ house demanding a dowry of one and half lakh rupees. Liaquat said that he somehow arranged money and gave it to Arif after which she took Ayesha with him but after that his greed increased and sometime back he left Ayesha in her father’s house once again. This time he didn’t even talked to Ayesha on phone and when once Ayesha threatened him of taking her life, he said that if she wants to take her life, she can do that and now she has really done it.

We really feel sorry for Ayesha and her family members.

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