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A Twitter User Asked Google To Improve Google Maps And Google Replied Like A Shayar 

A Twitter User Asked Google To Improve Google Maps And Google Replied Like A Shayar

In India we need not worry about travelling even if we are going to a place for the first time and we don’t know the routes because people are quite friendly and like to help the travelers by telling them the correct routes. However, now a person doesn’t need to depend on the help of other people because Google maps has made it very easy for anyone to know the correct routes. What’s more, it also shows how much traffic is there on a particular route so that the person can avoid the crowded route and complete his journey in less time.

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For using Google maps a person just need to tell his current location and the location where he wants to go and the Google maps will guide the person accordingly.

But no application is perfect and it needs to be updated and rectified at regular intervals and Google maps are no exception. It is quite difficult to understand the correct route if there is a flyover or multi-flyovers and some of this sort happened with a Twitter user.

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In an incident, a person informed Google which is headed by Sundar Pichai about the problem which he faced as there was no clear indication on the Google maps as to whether he should take the flyover or not. The Twitter user who Twitter handle is @notkartHik tweeted,

“Dear @Google Itne badhiya maps banaye, chota sa feature aur daal dete ki saaf saaf bolde flyover par chadhna hai ya neeche se jaana hai. 5 inch ke screen par aadhe milimetre ka deflection Kahan se dekhe aadmi? Yours Truly, 2km aage se U Turn leta hua aadmi”

He told Google that you have made such good maps but it should have include one more feature which would have told whether to take flyover or drive downwards because it is impossible to understand the deflection of half millimeter on the screen of 5 inch, from the person who has taken U-turn after covering distance of 2 km wrongly.

The person who handles the Twitter handle of Google was also in a good mood and he replied in poetic style,

“Shukar manate hain aap jaise users ka, jo humein sahi raah dikhaate hain. Behtar bante jaane ka yeh safar rukega nahin, mere humsafar.”

The tweet loosely translates to, “We are thankful to users like you who always show us the right path. The journey of improving ourselves will never stop my fellow traveler.”

Hopefully, Google comes with the solution to this problem soon.

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