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8 Times When Thieves Had A Change Of Heart & They Returned The Items Stolen By Them. 

8 Times When Thieves Had A Change Of Heart & They Returned The Items Stolen By Them.

There are different types of people in the world, while there are many who work hard and live an honest life, there are some who chose to make a living by stealing from others. It is a common perception that thieves have no moral values but there are times when thieves have showed that they also have a heart which thinks for others. Here are 8 such examples when thieves had a change of heart:

1. When a thief returned the COVID-19 vaccines

Recently, a thief stole a bag full of 1710 doses of COVID-19 vaccines from the storeroom of Jind General Hospital, Haryana, India but as he came to know that the bag contains vaccines, he decided to return it. The thief handed over the bag to an old man at the tea shop located outside the Police Station of Civil Lines. Thief handed over the bat to the old man citing that he has to deliver food for the police officials but he is in a hurry now. When the police officials opened the bag, they found the COVID-19 vaccines with a note on which the thief had written in Hindi, “Sorry, I didn’t know it was medicines for Corona”.


2. When a Kerala family took back their complaint against the thief

A thief stole gold ornaments from a family in Karumady, Kerala and the family members did the right thing by filing a complaint at the Ambalapuzha police station but some time later they withdrew the complaint as the thief returned the ornaments with a letter in which he stated that he resorted to stealing due to financial problems. The thief also promised that he won’t get involved in such type of activity ever again and also requested the family not to approach the police in order to find him.


3. A thief from Springfield, USA returned $40 which he took from tip jar and also added $30 from his side

The person who stole $40 from the tip jar apologized from the employees for stealing by writing a letter and revealed that he was under the influence of drugs. He added that there were $40 in the jar, though he tried to double it but managed only $70, he concluded by saying that he is not a bad person but a person who is suffering with addiction.


4. An armed robber returned the money to the woman he robbed

This incident took place in China, an armed robber took all the money from a woman when she was withdrawing cash from the ATM. The robber asked the woman to check the balance remaining in her account and when he saw that the woman is left with nothing, he returned all the money and went from there smiling. Watch the video:

Click here if you want to see the video directly on YouTube

5. A burglar stole from a religious place

The incident took place in Rajasthan, a thief stole around Rs. 2 lakh from the donation box of a dargah but a month later he returned Rs. 1 lakh.


6. A thief returned the money 30 years later

A thief in USA decided to return the money to the person whom he robbed 30 years back. In an anonymous letter, the thief wrote about the store worker whom he robbed in the 80s. The police did the good job of finding the person who verified the claim.


7. A thief in Pune returned the driving license by courier

Getting a driving license can be pretty hectic and this thief complete understands that so he returned the driving license by courier whom he robbed.


8. After 10 years, a family got its jewelry back

A family in Saudi Arabia got back their jewelry 10 years after it was stolen and the thief also wrote a letter as per which the thief was in need of money when he stole it but now he is returning it as now his financial condition has improved.


Have you ever heard about any such incident, do let us know.

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