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Twitterati Share Funny Nicknames They Use For Their Loved Ones While Saving Phone Contacts 

Twitterati Share Funny Nicknames They Use For Their Loved Ones While Saving Phone Contacts

The smartphones have made our lives very easy as now we don’t need to remember the phone numbers and we also don’t need to note down the phone numbers in the diary and carry it with us all the time. The smartphones have provided us with the facility of saving the numbers by names and all we need to do is to search the name of the person in the contact list and dial the number.

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However, some people have the habit of saving the numbers by nickname or by the words which signify other person’s importance. Recently, the writer Jennifer Wortman took to Twitter and disclosed that her husband has saved her contact in his phone with her complete name and this was more than enough for the twitterati to reveal their own experiences in this regard and soon the Twitter was flooded with reactions.

Jennifer Wortman tweeted, “Today I discovered my husband has me in his phone as “Jennifer Wortman.”

We have selected some hilarious reactions for you:

There is a word of caution for everyone as it is not advisable to save their family member’s phone number by their relation, for example, papa, mummy, bro, etc because if your phone gets stolen then the thief can ask for some financial details by sending a message and the other person may reply thinking that it is being asked by their loved one. So save numbers in such a manner that only you and your loved ones can figure out whose number is it.

How have you saved the phone numbers in your phone, do let us know.

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