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Twitter Burst Into Hilarious Memes After State Governments Announced Diwali Bonus 

Twitter Burst Into Hilarious Memes After State Governments Announced Diwali Bonus

Once again it is the time of festivals and in less than a week, Diwali will be celebrated all over the India but this time, the festival of lights may not be as illuminating as it is every year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has certainly brought a havoc on the whole world, around 1.26 million people have lost their lives all over the world including 1, 27,000 in India.

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Many businesses have been closed down and huge number of people have lost their jobs. As per a report, around 12 crore people have lost their jobs in India during the coronavirus lockdown and the salaries of many have been reduced by the organizations in order to carry out the cost-cutting.

In such times, celebrating festivals can be pretty tough and one thing that most of us will miss a lot is our Diwali bonus. The employees of private organizations are pretty happy with the fact that at least they still have a job which is paying them a monthly salary to survive but such is not the case with the employees of government departments.

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Few state governments have announced bonus for their employees and this has once again proves that why the vast majority of the Indians crave for a government job. The Indian twitterati soon started expressing themselves in a funny way and social media networks were soon flooded with memes.

Here are some selected tweets:

The condition of coronavirus pandemic is not so bad in India as it was few months back but there is no need to be carefree as the lethal virus is still around us. One little mistake of yours can take you and your family members to hospital so it is better to take all precautions and remain safe.

We just can’t leave everything on the government and it is the time when we should behave responsibly and with maturity and save ourselves from COVID-19 by following the safety guidelines.

Have a great and safe Diwali!!!!

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