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This Twitter User Explains What Makes People Born Between 1985-1995 The Most Unique Generation Of All Times 

This Twitter User Explains What Makes People Born Between 1985-1995 The Most Unique Generation Of All Times

The world is changing at a very fast pace and this change can be attributed to the fact that we are making technological advancements at a very high rate now. Over the years we have witnessed the development that has been made in our cities or towns, places where we used to play running around the lush green trees, huge apartments or building complexes are standing over there now.

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Earlier people knew almost each and everything about what is happening in their neighbor’s house and were always ready to help if there is some problem but nowadays people boast of having good friends and following on the social media networks but are completely unaware of their neighbor.

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Technology has made it easy for us to buy anything online which surely helps us in saving time but it also reduces the chances of human interaction that we can have. The kids of today spent their time more in their house playing video games while the kids of the earlier generations used to spent the majority of the time outside their house playing with their friends.

Some time back a Twitter user, Zambezi Juice took to Twitter and tried to explain everyone that why the people born between 1985 and 1995 are the most unique generation of all time.

We are also listing the reasons given by the Twitter user and we will love it if you also share your opinion as to whether you agree with the Twitter user or not:

1. From here the thread begins

2. They knew how the world used to be without internet and how much it has changed after the internet has become an integral part of our lives

3. They know the difference between hard work and smart work

4. From listening FM radio, playing Mario, using Nokia, Floppy, CD DVD to OTT, music apps, emojis, virtual reality, they have experience it all.

5. It was easy to make fool of the generation before them but the generation after them is too smart to be made fool online.

6. This was the generation that asked questions about traditions, while the earlier one never asked questions, the generation after them is not interested in following traditions

7. They know everything about industrial age and internet age as well</h1?

8. Did you enjoyed the thread?

There is no denying the fact that technology has made our lives very easy otherwise if this coronavirus pandemic would have happened in early 2000s or earlier than that, it would have been impossible to impose lockdown as the whole world would have crumbled down and many other problems would have cropped up at that time which were easily dealt with the help of internet in the present times.

But people should also try to ensure that they don’t get much dependent on technology otherwise they will miss all the real fun, isn’t it?

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