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This French Artist Is Turning Boring Walls Into Gorgeous 3D Artwork That You Should Look At 

This French Artist Is Turning Boring Walls Into Gorgeous 3D Artwork That You Should Look At

There are many artists in this world who have mesmerized us with their beautiful artwork but there are some great artists in this world who are continuously engaged in increasing the beauty of our cities by applying their talent.
One such artist is Patrick Commecy, who is known as one of the best street artist as he uses his skills for transforming the mundane colonies, walls into energetic and bright 3D masterpieces. This French artist uses Trompe-l’œil, the ancient art technique through which he creates an illusion or he does something which brings a change in the perspective of the on-looker.

There are many examples of classic artwork and today we are going to share some of them with you:

1. The paint of the wall was fading but now the artwork of Patrick is giving an illusion as if we are looking at Romeo and Juliet, the characters from Shakespeare’s play whom the French street artist has brought alive.

2. This building looks so boring and dull but..

Here he converts into lively and full of people who are engaged in different sort of works

3. Looking at this wall can make anyone sad but..

Here Patrick has transformed into a lively apartment in which not just people but plants are also looking very real.

4. There is nothing good about this building, moreover it may send you in depression if you keep looking at it regularly,

The artist gave an amazing makeover to this building by making it look like a beautiful apartment with good amount of greenery, rock , etc.

5. This is a side wall of a cinema wall

And this is how the French artist turned into it in a movie set where a movie is getting shot.

6. This simple wall was converted in a playground for small kids and it is so realistic that even the elders will like to visit over there.

7. While there was nothing on this side of the wall, he made it look as if there are more flats which have windows this side.

8. This is a dull side-wall of a building

That is turned into beautiful scenery by the French artist.

If you want to see more artwork of the talented French artist, Patrick Commecy then you should visit his website. Click here to visit Patrick’s website.

Do let us know which your favorite artwork is.

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