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These 15 Things Prove Childhood Of 90s Kids Was Awesome & Kids Of Today Will Never Enjoy Them 

These 15 Things Prove Childhood Of 90s Kids Was Awesome & Kids Of Today Will Never Enjoy Them

The times are changing and many changes have come in our lifestyle as well. If we compare the kids of 90s with the children of today, we will find that the kids of 90s used to roam and play outside with friends while the ones of today love to get engrossed in videos games, Internet surfing, etc. In the present scenarios, parents will also try to keep their children inside their houses as much as possible due to the fear of the coronavirus pandemic. So one thing is clear for sure that the kids of today and future will definitely miss a lot of fun!

Here we prove that life of 90s kids was far better than the children of today:

1. Ludo on mobile:

Nowadays people have started playing the popular indoor game Ludo on mobile rather than on cardboard.

2. Shaktiman on YouTube:

Shaktiman, the first superhero show on the Indian television, was one of the favorite serials of 90s kids. It was telecasted on TV during the lockdown otherwise you can watch it on YouTube only, not on TV.

3. The packing of Colgate toothpaste has changed:

Earlier the Colgate toothpaste used to come in a tube made of aluminum but now it is available in market in plastic tubes.

4. Bensia Pencils:

There was a lot of craze for Bensia pencils in the 90s but at the present time, the children are not so fond of them.

5. Thin ribbons are not used now:

The young kids have become more fashionable in the present era and thin ribbons have got out of use now.

6. WhatsApp and other social media networks have replaced SMS:

Earlier the youngsters used short messaging service a lot but with the advent of smartphones and WhatsApp, SMS has lost its importance.

7. Guru Chela is not available in markets now:

The tasty toffees that came under the packing of Guru Chela are no more available in the market. It used to be one of the favorites of the 90s kids.

8. No Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia in the ad of Complan:

Shahid and Ayesha worked in the commercial of Complan health drink during their childhood days and it was one of the most popular ads of that time. However, that ad is not aired now on television.

9. No tattoo in Boomer:

Boomer is one of the most favorite chewing gum brands of the 90s and that time, it used to come with temporary tattoos as well; nevertheless at present, no tattoos are given.

10. These cardboards are not so much in use:

In 90s, these brown color cardboards were of great use especially in the time of examination but nowadays, they have been replaced by multicolored and more attractive cardboards.

11. Rasna is missing from parties:

In the 90s, Rasna used to be the favorite drink of each person of the family and it was served to the guests in almost each party. However, now it has been replaced by other soft drinks and fruit juices.

12. Remotes have made our lives easy:

The older TVs were not operated by remotes and a person had to get up and go near the TV to operate it. But in this day and age, remotes have made it quite easy for us, isn’t it?

13. Scented erasers are not much in demand:

The kids of 90s loved the scented erasers but that is not the case now.

14. Ladoos are not given in schools on 15th August or 26th January:

Most of the schools have stopped giving ladoos on 15th August and 26th January while in 90s, kids used to love these ladoos.

15. Milo is not easily available:

Milo, the popular health drink of 90s, cannot be found easily at the present time.

What do you miss now that you used to enjoy in the 90s? Share with us.

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