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Meet A Straight Guy Who Loves To Wear High Heels & Skirts As Clothes Have No Gender 

Meet A Straight Guy Who Loves To Wear High Heels & Skirts As Clothes Have No Gender

The dressing choices can differ from person to person but have you come across a man who wears high heels with skirts to his office. Well, in our society men are not supposed to wear skirts, mini, midi etc, as they are labeled as dresses for women but Mark Bryan thinks otherwise.
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Meet Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan is an American who is a robotics engineer by profession and presently lives in Germany. He loves to wear high heels and skirts to his office and even during the coronavirus pandemic when he was working from home, while his colleagues worked in casual outfits, he made a point to dress up to perfection before switching on his work station at home.

Following on Instagram

The 61-yr old married man who is father of three kids has a huge fan following on his Instagram account and it is increasing at a huge rate every day. Till the time this article was written he had 245K followers and his followers love his fashion sense. His Instagram profile clears the air about his sexuality as he wrote that he is a straight married person who loves beautiful women, Porshes and adding high heels and skirts in his daily wardrobe.
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How it started?

Mark said that during this college days he used to dance with his old girlfriend and both of them used to wear high heels at that time. Slowly, it become completely normal for him and around four years back he started making changes in his wardrobe. Mark’s favorite brand for heels is Lost Ink and the 6-feet tall guy is also a football coach.

His family’s reaction:

Mark is married for around 11 years now and his wife is very supportive of him, in fact she helps him in shopping his high heels, skirts and his daughter wants to borrow shoes from her father some time.

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His wardrobe:

Mark says that clothes have no gender and he likes to have a masculine look above the waist while a non-gender look below the waist. You can find plaid miniskirts, red pumps, suede boots, pencil skirts, etc in his wardrobe. Mark says that there is not much variety when it comes to trousers but skirts gives him a lot of options in terms of color and design and this is what he likes the most.

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Though, Mark has received a lot of negativity and hate comments for his fashion sense but this has certainly not affected him much. His office colleagues say that Mark is a pretty normal guy who indulges in manly conversations and is completely masculine in his behavior.
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The green hair approach:

Some people stare at him while he is in public places but he compares it with walking in the crowd with green hair. He says that when you see a person having green hair, you feel for a moment that it is odd or unusual but the next moment you go back to your work and don’t even think about it.
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His advice for those men who want to wear heels:

Mark advices those men who want to wear heels to start with low heel and move to higher ones as they get confident about wearing heels.

So, are you interested in wearing high heels, skirts, etc and breaking the stereotypes, do let us know.

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