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Desi Twitter Discuss Funny Bets They Used To Make To Get Some Work Done & It Will Make You Laugh 

Desi Twitter Discuss Funny Bets They Used To Make To Get Some Work Done & It Will Make You Laugh

We may deny it in front of others but all of us are superstitious, may be a little bit but everyone follows some sort of superstition. The most common being the sitting or standing position that a person keeps while watching cricket as he and his family or friends feel that till the time the person will remain in that position, the team will play well.

In routine life also, people follow superstition even though they are aware of the fact that it has no base and logic. But human heart is quite difficult to control and whatever it says, a person obeys most of the time. The micro-blogging site Twitter was flooded with tweets in which people shared their own superstitions and what bet they make with the Universe for some silly and stupid reason.

It happened after an online user with the Twitter handle @sherylpajuro asked others whether they have also placed random bets with the Universe as she used to do. She revealed that she used to place a bet that if she can throw her pen in the drawer, she will get an ‘A’ on her assignment. As we can see, there is no logic in this bet because the grade of the assignment will depend on how she has done it rather than on throwing the pen in the drawer.

Check out the tweet:

After her tweet, many people shared their own random bets and you will certainly enjoy while reading them. Here are some of the selected ones:






















Have you also placed random bets like these Twitter users?

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