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9 Instances Of Double Standards In Our Society Which We Need To Think About 

9 Instances Of Double Standards In Our Society Which We Need To Think About

Our society has been male-dominated since ages and there have been different standards for men and women. Something which is considered normal for men may not be called appropriate for women and the sad thing is that many generations have witnessed this double standard. However, the good thing is that situation is gradually changing and women too are being given opportunities. In fact, they have proved themselves capable of excelling in every field, from office work to flying a plane or being an astronaut to a social worker who takes care of not just her family but a number of people and works for their well-being.

Well, no matter how advanced or modern we call ourselves, the harsh reality is that double standard still prevails in the society and women around us even today have to face it in some form or the other. Here in this article, we have made an attempt to convey the issue of double standards through some situations and depict how differently men and women are treated in the same scenario.

Note: We are not intended to hurt anyone’s feeling though this piece of article and just wish to show what usually happens in our society.

‘That time of the month’:

If a man is upset over something, people think that many things might be going on in his mind or he might be having some family or personal issue but if a woman behaves the same way, it is generally considered that it may be her ‘that time of the month’ and she must be having bad mood or rather mood swings.

Ladkiyon ki Maths achchi nahin hoti:

Some people have a notion that girls are not good at Maths while boys can do better in this subject. As you can see in the pic, when the boy commits a mistake, he is being considered tired but when the girl makes the same mistake, she is being subjected to double standard.

Ladkiyon ki tarah rota hai….

Again it’s pretty natural for girls to cry if they are sad or upset but when a guy shades tears, people tease him and he gets to hear, “Mard ko dard nahi hota”, “Ladke rote nahin” and so on. Expressing your sadness through tears in just normal for everyone, regardless of gender, but many people still stick to the thought that only girls cry.

Sarkari naukri ke fayde:

If a heavy girl gets married to a slim guy, people applaud her with terms like “You go girl” and her partner is also praised for choosing her despite not being so attractive physically as he is but if a slim girl is in a relationship with a heavy man, she is accused of being materialistic and accompanying the man just for the sake of money and luxury…. You know “Sarkari naukri wala ladka”….

Body hair – a big NO

Having hair on different body parts is pretty natural for both men and women but have you ever wondered why companies selling hair removing creams mostly target only girls? It is because ‘females’ are supposed to look flawlessly gorgeous without unwanted body hair which may appear to be dent in their beauty. Agree?

Maturity and age

Even color of hair has a relation to people’s wisdom and maturity as a man with grey hair is considered to be intelligent because “Usne duniya dekh rakhi hai” and “Ye baal dhoop me safed nahin hue” but when it comes to a woman, it primarily signifies her age.

Maa ka farz

Fathers get more appreciation for something they do for kids than mothers who do the same because “Maa ka farz hai”. In our society, raising children and doing all their chores is still believed to be the duty of mother chiefly and if father takes responsibility of doing something or helps by sharing the load, people go aww of him.

So sweet of daddy to do it

If father does something whether it’s good in terms of health or not, he gets lauded because he did it despite that it was not his work or he might not have good knowledge of it but if mother does it, she is analyzed from all the parameters.

Heated discussion vs catfight

A debate among men is termed as heated discussion but for a group of women, it gets the name of catfight.

Do you agree with it or do you have a different opinion in this regard? Well if not for all, you must agree to at least some of the points that even you know are true in your conscience, whether you accept or not!

All The Images Have Been Sourced From Bright Side

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