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8 Highest Paying Jobs For Which You Don’t Need A Bachelor’s Degree 

8 Highest Paying Jobs For Which You Don’t Need A Bachelor’s Degree

All our childhood we are told that we need to study hard so that we can get a good job when we grow up and earlier only those used to get good jobs who were highly educated. However, things are changing with time and nowadays new types of jobs are getting created in which a person need not be highly educated but he should be well-aware of the requirements of the job. Today we will tell about some jobs for which the candidate need not be highly educated but they are still well-paid. However, we want to make it clear that this article is more appropriate in regard to the western countries rather than the Asian countries.

1. Casino Gaming Managers

Usually, those are appointed as gaming managers who have a good amount of experience of working in casinos. While a school degree is considered enough for the job, there are some casinos who may ask for a bachelors degree in hospitality. The job profile of a gaming manager involve supervision and smooth running of gaming operations and if we talk about the salary in the western countries of this job then it is around $69k which comes to Rs.50 lakh per annum approx.

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2. Commercial Pilots

The qualification required for becoming a commercial pilot is 12th pass with science subjects and salary at the entry level in India is Rs.1-1.5 lakh per annum, after gaining some experience a commercial pilot can earn Rs. 5-6 lakh per month on the international routes. On the other hand, the per annum salary of a commercial pilot in Western countries is around $77K (Rs. 55 lakh approx.)

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3. Radiation Therapist

A radiation therapist is a person who has to check the equipment, see how the parents are reacting while they are getting the treatment and then they have to document it. In simple words, people with good observation skills are the one who do good in this job and the eligibility for this job is 10+2 pass with science subjects. Sometimes B.Sc in Radiotherapy is also demanded and the salary for this job in western countries is $80K (Rs.58 lakh per annum).

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4. Funeral service managers

There is no such prescribed eligibility criteria for a funeral service manager and mostly associate degree is enough for the job, the candidate may also need to obtain a license. Their main task is to ensure proper functioning of funeral homes and if we talk about the salary then it is around $71K per annum (Rs.51 lakh approx.)

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5. Air traffic controllers

The main duty of air traffic controllers is to supervise, direct and monitor the movement of the aircrafts and to ensure that there is no discrepancy as lives of many people is on stake. While an associate degree is enough in western countries for this job, in India, an engineering degree is a must. The salary of air traffic controller in western countries is around $122K (Rs.88 lakh approx.) and on the other hand the starting salary of air traffic controller in India is Rs.11 lakh per annum.

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6. Detectives

This is one of the most risky jobs as a person also keeps his life at stake while solving the cases. The 10+2 pass qualification is enough for this profession but nowadays studying subjects likes criminal psychology, criminal justice, criminology, etc is considered as a big advantage. Salary of a detective in Western countries is $74K (Rs. 53 lakh approx.)

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7. Power Plant Operators

A person need to be 10+2 pass in order to obtain this job which requires that a person should ensure proper functioning of machineries so that the power is generated without any problem. The salary of a power plant operator in Western countries is $74K (Rs.53 lakh) while in India, an engineering degree is required for the job and the salary is around Rs.6 lakh per annum.

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8. Nuclear Power Reactor operators

A 10+2 pass is eligible for this job in which a person has to start and stop the machinery, data entry, adjust the controls and start and implement emergency procedures if required. The salary for this job in western countries is around $90K (Rs.65 lakh approx.)

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So for which job you will apply?

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