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15 ROFL-ing Bhojpuri Proverbs That Stay True In Every Era 

15 ROFL-ing Bhojpuri Proverbs That Stay True In Every Era

It is common assumption in the other parts of the India that only Hindi is spoken in the northern part of the India but in reality there are few other local languages which are also used for communication.

Bhojpuri is one such language which is mostly spoken in eastern Uttar Pradesh, western Bihar and Terai region of Nepal. As per the People’s Linguistic Survey Of India, Bhojpuri is one of the fastest growing languages of the world and a lot of credit goes to the Bhojpuri movies industry for making the language popular.

If you are one of those who has no knowledge of Bhojpuri, then today we will introduce you with the language using some Bhojpuri proverbs which are quite funny. Proverbs are simple and traditional sayings which tell a truth based on the experience, wisdom and common sense and they are usually written in metaphorical language.

Here are 15 funny Bhojpuri proverbs with their meanings:

1. Haathi chale bazaar, kukur bhooke hazaar (When the elephant goes to the market, 1000 dogs bark at him).

2. Khet khaye gadha, maar khaye julha (The donkey grazes the field and master gets beaten up).

3. Hathiya hathiya kalian, gadaho na le aylan (Talked so much about elephants, didn’t even get a donkey)

4. Udat chirai ke haldi lagalwal (Rubbing turmeric on a flying bird).

5. Bad bad jana dahail jaas, gadha pooche katna paani (While great men are drowning, the donkey is inquiring about the depth of the water).

6. Mile miyaan ke maand na, aa biryani ke farmaaish (The guy is not even getting rice water but demands biryani.)

7. Nava dekhle kankhe bar (On seeing a barber, he finds hair under his armpit.)

8. Ban par lin bilari, musa kaheli, je hamri joe (When the cat is away in the forest, the rat says, “she’s my wife”).

9. Chhati par bal nahi, bhal se larai (No hair on his chest and he is going to fight a bear)

10. Aanhar guru bahir chela, maange gud te deva dhela (Blind master, deaf pupil, Ask for jaggery, get a rock.)

11. Aapan gaand hawai, dusar ke kare dawai.( His own ass is wounded & he is rubbing medicine on someone else’s ass)

12. Baithal baniya ka kare, yeh kothi ke dhaan oo kothi dhare. (What would a shopkeeper with no work do? Shift the grains from one room to another)

13. Thook chatla se piyaas na bujhaye. (You cannot quench your thirst by licking spit.)

14. Gaand ughar god bichiya.( Your ass is bare but you are wearing a toe-ring).

15. Babua janmale gor na bhaile te abtala se hokhiyan. (When the baby wasn’t born fair, how’d the lotion help)

Which one is your favorite Bhojpuri proverb, do let us know.

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