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15 Food Items That Will Make Every 90s Indian Kid Nostalgic 

15 Food Items That Will Make Every 90s Indian Kid Nostalgic

Childhood was certainly the best part of our lives and the saddest thing is that we realize this truth after our childhood got over. A kid always think of growing up faster so that he can live his life by his own rules but when he is a grown up, he realize that life was far better when he was a kid. However, each one of us must be having some memories of our childhood days which we cherish for our whole life, while some memories are related to our parents, friends, family, trips, etc, some are related to food items.

As the time passes by, the companies keep making improvements in their products or stop producing some products and come up with new ones. There must be some food items which would have been special to you during your childhood days and either they are not available nowadays or their packing has changed.

We are listing 15 such food items which will make every 90s kid bounce back in their childhood days once again:

1. Rasna

Rasna used to be one of the most loved cold drinks of those times especially of the kids.


2.Uncle Chipps

The crunchy and delicious potato chips which every 90s kid loved but everything changed after Lays bought it


3. Maggi

The 2-minute instant noodles used to be an integral part of the lives of kids during their school and college life.


4. Guru Chela

Who can forget these tasty toffees and its packaging makes it more interesting


5. Big Babol & Boomer

Childhood of 90s kids is incomplete without these two bubble gums



The tasty pills were said to be good for digestion but kids didn’t mind having lots of them at one time.


7. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

These sweet cigarettes were very popular in 90s as it gave a chance to the kids to show some style without smoking.



Just like Maggi, Parle-G is still a very important part of our lives since childhood.


9. Pan Pasand

These toffees were not just tasty but scented as well and not only kids but adults also used to love them.


10. Rola-cola

It gave the feeling of cold drink and had an amazing taste.



The colorful chocolate filled small toffees are still available in the market and even the kids of today love them.


12. Blue Pepsi

Only the kids of 90s will be knowing about it because it was launched around 2002 but discontinued soon.


13. Kismi

The Kismi bar was also one of the most loved toffee among the kids.


14. The Icy-Pepsi stick

Every kid must have sucked it during their school days



The chuski used to refreshen up in the summers, sadly kids don’t consume them much nowadays.


Which one was your favorite food item?

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