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10 Amazing Jobs Of The World For Which You Will Leave Your Job Without Thinking Twice 

10 Amazing Jobs Of The World For Which You Will Leave Your Job Without Thinking Twice

Getting a good job in the times of coronavirus pandemic is highly difficult so it is better to stick with the job that you presently have but there must have been times when you must have hoped to get a better job. It is being said that if you want to be successful in life than either do what you love or love what you do but still many people in this world are not happy with their jobs because of various reasons.

However, today we will let you know about some jobs which are not just fun-filled but high paying as well.

1. Beer taster (Salary – ₹35 lakhs per annum)

Many people like or love having beer but becoming beer taster is not an easy task, however it must a great job for a beer lover. The job profile includes sampling of beers and giving recommendations on the basis of taste for which a person should have tasting skill and good stamina as well.

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2. Chocolate taster (Salary – ₹43,85,535 per annum)

We are quite sure that for many people this would be the best job of the world. There are many brands of chocolates and the job of a chocolate taster is to give reviews after tasting the chocolate.

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3. Water slide tester (Salary – ₹16 lakhs per annum)

The job of a water slide tester is to ensure that the slides are safe and enjoyable for the public. Though it is a cool job but considering it as a easy job will be wrong as the person needs to be strong and sometimes he may suffer minor injuries as well.

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4. Rented boyfriend (Salary – ₹3428 approx./hr.)

In today’s world, being a single is almost like a crime and if you want to save yourself from the taunts of your relatives then you can visit to find solution to your problem.

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5. Professional sleeper (Salary – ₹40 lakhs per annum)

The job of a sleeper is to mainly to check the quality of mattresses, pillows etc and sometimes he has to keep a check on the heart rate and brain functionality while sleeping.

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6. Caretaker of Island (Salary- ₹2,19,27,675 approx. per annum)

The caretaker of Island is hired on a 6-month contract and he/she has to live on the luxurious Hamilton island in the Great Barrier Reef. The caretaker will have flexible working hours and has to explore the island along with maintaining a blog and diary. The caretaker will be provided with lodging and return air ticket as well.

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7. Netflix tagger (Salary – $100/week)

Netflix taggers are also called metadata analysts and their job is to watch the content and provide it with suitable tags. So if you are one of those who love to watch web series and sitcoms then this job is for you.

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8. Professional Zombie (Salary- ₹4000 for 8 hrs)

Some museums or tourist attraction places such as London Dungeons Experience hire people to act as living dead and scare the tourists.

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9. [email protected]@m tester (Salary- ₹21 lakhs per annum)

The contraceptive companies hire youngsters over 18 yrs of age for testing purposes and they certainly pay a good amount for it.

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10. Vacation professional (Salary- ₹14,61,845 per annum)

If travelling is what you love then this job is for. Some big tourism companies hire vacation professionals whose job is to travel and find out the problems faced by the tourists and how to avoid them so that the tourists can have a great time.

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So which job is your dream job now?

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Please Note: All the images have been used for representational purposes.

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